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Journal Article
Bock, R.; Hagemann, R.; Koessel, H.; Kudla, J.: Tissue-Specific and Stage-Specific Modulation of Rna Editing of the Psbf and Psbl Transcript from Spinach Plastids - a New Regulatory Mechanism. Molecular & General Genetics 240 (2), pp. 238 - 244 (1993)
Journal Article
Ding, B.; Haudenshield, J. S.; Willmitzer, L.; Lucas, W. J.: Correlation between Arrested Secondary Plasmodesmal Development and Onset of Accelerated Leaf Senescence in Yeast Acid Invertase Transgenic Tobacco Plants. Plant Journal 4 (1), pp. 179 - 189 (1993)
Journal Article
Fichtner, K.; Quick, W. P.; Schulze, E.-D.; Mooney, H. A.; Rodermel, S. R.; Bogorad, L.; Stitt, M.: Decreased Ribulose-1,5-Bisphosphate Carboxylase-Oxygenase in Transgenic Tobacco Transformed with Antisense Rbcs .5. Relationship between Photosynthetic Rate, Storage Strategy, Biomass Allocation and Vegetative Plant-Growth at 3 Different Nitrogen Supplies. Planta 190 (1), pp. 1 - 9 (1993)
Journal Article
Geigenberger, P.; Langenberger, S.; Wilke, I.; Heineke, D.; Heldt, H.-W.; Stitt, M.: Sucrose Is Metabolised by Sucrose Synthase and Glycolysis within the Phloem Complex of Ricinus-Communis L Seedlings. Planta 190 (4), pp. 446 - 453 (1993)
Journal Article
Jackson, S. D.; Sonnewald, U.; Willmitzer, L.: Cloning and Expression Analysis of Beta-Isopropylmalate Dehydrogenase from Potato. Molecular & General Genetics 236 (2-3), pp. 309 - 314 (1993)
Journal Article
Jackson, S. D.; Sonnewald, U.; Willmitzer, L.: Characterization of a Gene That Is Expressed in Leaves at Higher Levels Upon Tuberization in Potato and Upon Flowering in Tobacco. Planta 189 (4), pp. 593 - 596 (1993)
Journal Article
Kopka, J.; Robers, M.; Schuch, R.; Spener, F.: Acyl Carrier Proteins from Developing Seeds of Cuphea-Lanceolata Ait. Planta 191 (1), pp. 102 - 111 (1993)
Journal Article
Kragler, F.; Langeder, A.; Raupachova, J.; Binder, M.; Hartig, A.: Two independent peroxisomal targeting signals in catalase A of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Journal of Cell Biology 120 (3), pp. 665 - 673 (1993)
Journal Article
Krapp, A.; Hofmann, B.; Schaefer, C.; Stitt, M.: Regulation of the Expression of Rbcs and Other Photosynthetic Genes by Carbohydrates - a Mechanism for the Sink Regulation of Photosynthesis. Plant Journal 3 (6), pp. 817 - 828 (1993)
Journal Article
Lauerer, M.; Saftic, D.; Quick, W. P.; Labate, C.; Fichtner, K.; Schulze, E.-D.; Rodermel, S. R.; Bogorad, L.; Stitt, M.: Decreased Ribulose-1,5-Bisphosphate Carboxylase-Oxygenase in Transgenic Tobacco Transformed with Antisense Rbcs .6. Effect on Photosynthesis in Plants Grown at Different Irradiance. Planta 190 (3), pp. 332 - 345 (1993)
Journal Article
Martin, T.; Frommer, W. B.; Salanoubat, M.; Willmitzer, L.: Expression of an Arabidopsis Sucrose Synthase Gene Indicates a Role in Metabolization of Sucrose Both during Phloem Loading and in Sink Organs. Plant Journal 4 (2), pp. 367 - 377 (1993)
Journal Article
Morris, P.-C.; Jessop, A.; Altmann, T.; Schmidt, R.; Willmitzer, L.: Selection for Enhanced Germinal Excision of Ac in Transgenic Arabidopsis-Thaliana. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 86 (8), pp. 919 - 926 (1993)
Journal Article
Paul, M. J.; Loos, K.; Stitt, M.; Ziegler, P.: Starch-Degrading Enzymes During the Induction of Cam in Mesembryanthemum-Crystallinum. Plant Cell and Environment 16 (5), pp. 531 - 538 (1993)
Journal Article
Paul, M. J.; Stitt, M.: Effects of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Deficiencies an Levels of Carbohydrates, Respiratory Enzymes and Metabolites in Seedlings of Tobacco and Their Response to Exogenous Sucrose. Plant, Cell & Environment 16 (9), pp. 1047 - 1057 (1993)
Journal Article
Pena-Cortes, H.; Albrecht, T.; Prat, S.; Weiler, E. W.; Willmitzer, L.: Aspirin Prevents Wound-Induced Gene-Expression in Tomato Leaves by Blocking Jasmonic Acid Biosynthesis. Planta 191 (1), pp. 123 - 128 (1993)
Journal Article
Renz, A.; Merlo, L.; Stitt, M.: Partial-Purification from Potato-Tubers of 3 Fructokinases and 3 Hexokinases Which Show Differing Organ and Developmental Specificity. Planta 190 (2), pp. 156 - 165 (1993)
Journal Article
Renz, A.; Stitt, M.: Substrate-Specificity and Product Inhibition of Different Forms of Fructokinases and Hexokinases in Developing Potato-Tubers. Planta 190 (2), pp. 166 - 175 (1993)
Journal Article
Riesmeier, J. W.; Fluegge, U.-I.; Schulz, B.; Heineke, D.; Heldt, H.-W.; Willmitzer, L.; Frommer, W. B.: Antisense Repression of the Chloroplast Triose Phosphate Translocator Affects Carbon Partitioning in Transgenic Potato Plants. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 90 (13), pp. 6160 - 6164 (1993)
Journal Article
Rodrigues, M. L.; Chaves, M. M.; Wendler, R.; David, M. M.; Quick, W. P.; Leegood, R. C.; Stitt, M.; Pereira, J. S.: Osmotic Adjustment in Water Stressed Grapevine Leaves in Relation to Carbon Assimilation. Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 20 (3), pp. 309 - 321 (1993)
Journal Article
Schulz, B.; Frommer, W. B.; Fluegge, U.-I.; Hummel, S.; Fischer, K.; Willmitzer, L.: Expression of the Triose Phosphate Translocator Gene from Potato Is Light-Dependent and Restricted to Green Tissues. Molecular & General Genetics 238 (3), pp. 357 - 361 (1993)
Journal Article
Sonnewald, U.; Quick, W. P.; MacRae, E.; Krause, K.-P.; Stitt, M.: Purification, Cloning and Expression of Spinach Leaf Sucrose-Phosphate Synthase in Escherichia-Coli. Planta 189 (2), pp. 174 - 181 (1993)
Journal Article
Sonnewald, U.; von Schaewen, A.; Willmitzer, L.: Subcellular Manipulation of Sucrose Metabolism in Transgenic Plants. Journal of Experimental Botany 44, pp. 293 - 296 (1993)
Journal Article
Stitt, M.: Control of Photosynthetic Carbon Fixation and Partitioning - How Can Use of Genetically Manipulated Plants Improve the Nature and Quality of Information About Regulation. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series B-Biological Sciences 342 (1301), pp. 225 - 233 (1993)
Journal Article
Stitt, M.: Sink Strength - Integrated Systems Need Integrating Approaches. Plant Cell and Environment 16 (9), pp. 1041 - 1043 (1993)
Journal Article
Weiner, H.; Stitt, M.: Sucrose-Phosphate Synthase Phosphatase, a Type-2a Protein Phosphatase, Changes Its Sensitivity Towards Inhibition by Inorganic Phosphate in Spinach Leaves. FEBS Letters 333 (1-2), pp. 159 - 164 (1993)
Journal Article
Zrenner, R.; Willmitzer, L.; Sonnewald, U.: Analysis of the Expression of Potato Uridinediphosphate-Glucose Pyrophosphorylase and Its Inhibition by Antisense Rna. Planta 190 (2), pp. 247 - 252 (1993)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Stitt, M.: Enhanced CO2, photosynthesis and growth; what should we measure to gain a better understanding of the plants response. In: Proceeding of Weidenfeld Symposium on Research at Enhanced CO2 (Eds. Schulze, E. D.; Mooney, H. A.). Proceeding of Weidenfeld Symposium on Research at Enhanced CO2, Brussels. EEC Publication (1993)

Meeting Abstract (2)

Meeting Abstract
Fisahn, J.; Kossmann, J.; Willmitzer, L.: Inhibition of Calvin Cycle Activity by Fructose-1,6-Bisphosphatase Antisense Messenger-Rna. In Plant Physiology, 102 (1), p. 59 - 59. (1993)
Meeting Abstract
Morris, P.-C.; Felix, G.; Altmann, T.; Jessop, A.; Willmitzer, L.: A Novel Homeotic Mutant in Arabidopsis-Thaliana Affecting Root, Stem and Floral Meristems. In Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, p. 48 - 48. (1993)

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