Doctoral Training

Doctoral Training

Our IMPRS is an interdisciplinary doctoral programme devoted to scientific excellence in plant biology, with a focus on plant systems biology and plant genomics. Research is at the core of the doctoral programme.


The programme provides intellectual and technical training through original research, interdisciplinary dialogue, and training of transferable skills.


Our doctoral candidates are highly skilled young researchers.

The doctoral research projects of our students are carried out in our faculty members' research groups, under the direct supervision of the faculty member and senior scientists in his or her group.

In addition, each doctoral student is supported by an independent PhD advisory committee (PAC). The PhD advisory committee is designed to give guidance to the student and evaluate the progress of the research project during yearly meetings. The PAC comprises 2-3 members and is tailored to the needs of the student and his or her thesis project. At least one of the committee members has to be from another department than the student, and the student's direct supervisor is not a member of the committee.


The elements of our curriculum and doctoral training have three
major aims:

  • Support of doctoral candidates and their scientific projects
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary dialogue
  • Development of transferable skills

The doctoral candidates within IMPRS-PMPG come from a variety of scientific backgrounds - biology, biochemistry, chemistry, bioinformatics, physics and mathematics. Their research projects have an experimental or theoretical/bioinformatics focus or combine both approaches. We aim to be as flexible as possible in our scientific and complementary training so that the curricular activities fit the individual needs of each PhD student and his or her thesis project.

Students who work on one side of the spectrum - experimental or theoretical - come into contact with the other side of the spectrum during the various weekly seminars at different levels in the MPI-MP and, more directly, the monthly IMPRS seminar where IMPRS students present and discuss their research projects. In addition, the yearly IMPRS retreat provides a valuable opportunity for our students to exchange knowledge and experience and to discuss new research ideas in interdisciplinary teams.


Good scientific practice

All students should be familiar with the Rules of Good Scientific Practice .
For more information, you can also have a look on the website of the Max Planck Society.


More information about the IMPRS curriculum is on page 2.
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