Max Planck Research Groups

The MPG continually supports up to three Independent Research Groups in our institute, each for a period of five to six years. Highly competitive young scientists lead these groups, which operate outside of the departmental structure of the Institute.
Dr. Roosa Laitinen and her group use natural variants of Arabidopsis thaliana in order to understand the genetic and molecular basis of plant adaptation and evolution. The group’s current research is focused on understanding the different mechanisms of hybrid incompatibilities and the genetic basis of plasticity. [more]
Dr. Arren Bar-Even and his group study the biochemical logic and design principles of metabolic pathways and their applications in metabolic engineering of microbes. The group focuses on engineering synthetic alternatives to central metabolic pathways, aiming to uncover optimality in metabolic designs and to offer novel solutions for humanity’s needs in chemical and energy production. [more]
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