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Zhang, Y. J., Giese, J., Kerbler, S. M.-L., Siemiatkowska, B., de Souza, L. P., Alpers, J., Medeiros, D. B., Hincha, D. K., Daloso, D. M., Stitt, M., Finkemeier, I. & Fernie, A. R. Two mitochondrial phosphatases, PP2c63 and Sal2, are required for posttranslational regulation of the TCA cycle in Arabidopsis. Molecular Plant 14, 1104–1118 (2021).
Journal Article
Correa Galvis, V., Strand, D., Messer, M., Thiele, W., Bethmann, S., Hübner, D., Uflewski, M., Kaiser, E., Siemiatkowska, B., Morris, B. A., Toth, S. Z., Watanabe, M., Brückner, F., Hoefgen, R., Jahns, P., Schöttler, M. A. & Armbruster, U. H+ transport by K+ EXCHANGE ANTIPORTER3 promotes photosynthesis and growth in chloroplast ATP synthase mutants. Plant Physiology 182, 2126–2142 (2020).
Journal Article
Treves, H., Siemiatkowska, B., Luzarowska, U., Murik, O., Fernandez-Pozo, N., Moraes, T. A., Erban, A., Armbruster, U., Brotman, Y., Kopka, J., Rensing, S. A., Szymanski, J. & Stitt, M. Multi-omics reveals mechanisms of total resistance to extreme illumination of a desert alga. Nature Plants 6, 1031–1043 (2020).
Journal Article
Zhang, Y. J., Chen, M., Siemiatkowska, B., Toleco, M. R., Jing, Y., Strotmann, V., Zhang, J., Stahl, Y. & Fernie, A. R. A Highly Efficient Agrobacterium-Mediated Method for Transient Gene Expression and Functional Studies in Multiple Plant Species. Plant Communications 1, (2020).
Journal Article
Burschel, S., Kreuzer Decovic, D., Nuber, F., Stiller, M., Hofmann, M., Zupok, A., Siemiatkowska, B., Gorka, M., Leimkühler, S. & Friedrich, T. Iron-sulfur cluster carrier proteins involved in the assembly of Escherichia coli NADH: ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I). Molecular Microbiology 111, 31–45 (2019).
Journal Article
Gorka, M., Swart, C., Siemiatkowska, B., Martínez-Jaime, S., Skirycz, A., Streb, S. & Graf, A. Protein Complex Identification and quantitative complexome by CN-PAGE. Scientific Reports 9, (2019).
Journal Article
Riedel, S., Siemiatkowska, B., Watanabe, M., Müller, C. S., Schünemann, V., Hoefgen, R. & Leimkühler, S. The ABCB7-Like Transporter PexA in Rhodobacter capsulatus Is Involved in the Translocation of Reactive Sulfur Species. Frontiers in Microbiology 10, (2019).
Journal Article
Zhang, Y. J., Natale, R., Domingues Júnior, A. P., Toleco, M. R., Siemiatkowska, B., Fàbregas, N. & Fernie, A. R. Rapid Identification of Protein-Protein Interactions in Plants. Current Protocols in Plant Biology 4, (2019).
Journal Article
Zupok, A., Gorka, M., Siemiatkowska, B., Skirycz, A. & Leimkuehler, S. Iron-Dependent Regulation of Molybdenum Cofactor Biosynthesis Genes in Escherichia coli. Journal of Bacteriology 201, (2019).
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