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David, Z., Swart, C., Graf, A., Arrivault, S., Tillich, M., Proost, S., Nikoloski, Z., Stitt, M., Bock, R., Mühlhaus, M. & Boulouis, A. Topology of the redox network during induction of photosynthesis as revealed by time-resolved proteomics in tobacco. Science Advances 7, (2021).
Journal Article
Zhang, Y. J., Sampathkumar, A., Kerbler, S. M.-L., Swart, C., Hille, C., Seerangan, K., Graf, A., Sweetlove, L. & Fernie, A. R. A moonlighting role for enzymes of glycolysis in the co-localization of mitochondria and chloroplasts. Nature Communications 11, (2020).
Journal Article
Gorka, M., Swart, C., Siemiatkowska, B., Martínez-Jaime, S., Skirycz, A., Streb, S. & Graf, A. Protein Complex Identification and quantitative complexome by CN-PAGE. Scientific Reports 9, (2019).
Journal Article
Dotson, B. R., Soltan, D., Schmidt, J., Areskoug, M., Rabe, K., Swart, C., Widell, S. & Rasmusson, A. G. The antibiotic peptaibol alamethicin from Trichoderma permeabilises Arabidopsis root apical meristem and epidermis but is antagonised by cellulase-induced resistance to alamethicin. BMC Plant Biology 18, (2018).
Journal Article
Swart, C., Martínez-Jaime, S., Gorka, M., Zander, K. & Graf, A. Hit-Gel: Streamlining in-gel protein digestion for high-throughput proteomics experiments. Scientific Reports 8, (2018).
Journal Article
Zhang, Y. J., Swart, C., Alseekh, S., Scossa, F., Jiang, L., Obata, T., Graf, A. & Fernie, A. R. The Extra-Pathway Interactome of the TCA Cycle: Expected and Unexpected Metabolic Interactions. Plant Physiology 177, 966–979 (2018).
Journal Article
Zhang, Y. J., Beard, K. F. M., Swart, C., Bergmann, S., Krahnert, I., Nikoloski, Z., Graf, A., Ratcliffe, R. G., Sweetlove, L. J., Fernie, A. R. & Obata, T. Protein-protein interactions and metabolite channelling in the plant tricarboxylic acid cycle. Nature Communications 8, (2017).
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