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von Bismarck, T., Korkmaz, K., Ruß, J., Skurk, K., Kaiser, E., Correa Galvis, V., Cruz, J. A., Strand, D., Koehl, K. I., Eirich, J., Finkemeier, I., Jahns, P., Kramer, D. M. & Armbruster, U. Light acclimation interacts with thylakoid ion transport to govern the dynamics of photosynthesis in Arabidopsis. New Phytologist 237, 160–176 (2023).
Journal Article
Lopez, L. S., Völkner, C., Day, P. M., Lewis, C. M., Lewis, C. L., Schneider, D., Correa Galvis, V., Cruz, J. A., Armbruster, U., Kramer, D. M. & Kunz, H.-H. The Arabidopsis T-DNA mutant SALK_008491 carries a 14-kb deletion on chromosome 3 that provides rare insights into the plant response to dynamic light stress. Plant Direct 6, (2022).
Journal Article
Höhner, R., Day, P. M., Zimmermann, S. E., Lopez, L. S., Krämer, M., Giavalisco, P., Correa Galvis, V., Armbruster, U., Schöttler, M. A., Jahns, P., Krüger, S. & Kunz, H.-H. Stromal NADH supplied by PHOSPHOGLYCERATE DEHYDROGENASE3 is crucial for photosynthetic performance. Plant Physiology 186, 142–167 (2021).
Journal Article
Uflewski, M., Mielke, S., Correa Galvis, V., von Bismarck, T., Chen, X., Tietz, E., Ruß, J., Luzarowski, M., Sokolowska, E., Skirycz, A., Eirich, J., Finkemeier, I., Schöttler, M. A. & Armbruster, U. Functional characterization of proton antiport regulation in the thylakoid membrane. Plant Physiology 187, 2209–2229 (2021).
Journal Article
Correa Galvis, V., Strand, D., Messer, M., Thiele, W., Bethmann, S., Hübner, D., Uflewski, M., Kaiser, E., Siemiatkowska, B., Morris, B. A., Toth, S. Z., Watanabe, M., Brückner, F., Hoefgen, R., Jahns, P., Schöttler, M. A. & Armbruster, U. H+ transport by K+ EXCHANGE ANTIPORTER3 promotes photosynthesis and growth in chloroplast ATP synthase mutants. Plant Physiology 182, 2126–2142 (2020).
Journal Article
Höhner, R., Correa Galvis, V., Strand, D., Volkner, C., Kramer, M., Messer, M., Dinc, F., Sjuts, I., Boelter, B., Kramer, D. M., Armbruster, U. & Kunz, H.-H. Photosynthesis in Arabidopsis Is Unaffected by the Function of the Vacuolar K+ Channel TPK3. Plant Physiology 180, 1322–1335 (2019).
Journal Article
Kaiser, E., Correa Galvis, V. & Armbruster, U. Efficient photosynthesis in dynamic light environments: a chloroplast's perspective. Biochemical Journal 476, 2725–2741 (2019).
Journal Article
Armbruster, U., Correa Galvis, V., Kunz, H.-H. & Strand, D. The regulation of the chloroplast proton motive force plays a key role for photosynthesis in fluctuating light. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 37, 56–62 (2017).
Journal Article
Armbruster, U., Leonelli, L., Correa Galvis, V., Strand, D., Quinn, E. H., Jonikas, M. C. & Niyogi, K. K. Regulation and levels of the thylakoid K+/H+ antiporter KEA3 shape the dynamic response of photosynthesis in fluctuating light. Plant and Cell Physiology 57, 1557–1567 (2016).
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