Publications of S. Martinez-Jaime

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Journal Article
Janowski, M., Zoschke, R., Scharff, L. B., Martinez-Jaime, S., Ferrari, C., Proost, S., Ng Wei Xiong, J., Omranian, N., Musialak-Lange, M., Nikoloski, Z., Graf, A., Schöttler, M. A., Sampathkumar, A., Vaid, N. & Mutwil, M. AtRsgA from Arabidopsis thaliana is important for maturation of the small subunit of the chloroplast ribosome. The Plant Journal 96, 404–420 (2018).
Journal Article
Moreno, J. C., Martinez-Jaime, S., Schwartzmann, J., Karcher, D., Tillich, M., Graf, A. & Bock, R. Temporal Proteomics of Inducible RNAi Lines of Clp Protease Subunits Identifies Putative Protease Substrates. Plant Physiology 176, 1485–1508 (2018).
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