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de Beuckeleer, M.; Lemmers, M.; de Vos, G.; Willmitzer, L.; van Montagu, M.; Schell, J.: Further Insight on the Transferred-DNA of Octopine Crown Gall. Molecular & General Genetics 183 (2), pp. 283 - 288 (1981)
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Laing, W. A.; Stitt, M.; Heldt, H.-W.: Control of Co2 Fixation - Changes in the Activity of Ribulosephosphate Kinase and Fructose-Bisphosphatase and Sedoheptulose-Bisphosphatase in Chloroplasts. Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta 637 (2), pp. 348 - 359 (1981)
Journal Article
Stitt, M.; Heldt, H.-W.: Physiological Rates of Starch Breakdown in Isolated Intact Spinach-Chloroplasts. Plant Physiology 68 (3), pp. 755 - 761 (1981)
Journal Article
Stitt, M.; Heldt, H.-W.: Simultaneous Synthesis and Degradation of Starch in Spinach-Chloroplasts in the Light. Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta 638 (1), pp. 1 - 11 (1981)
Journal Article
Willmitzer, L.; Otten, L.; Simons, G.; Schmalenbach, W.; Schroeder, J.; Schroeder, G.; van Montagu, M.; de Vos, G.; Schell, J.: Nuclear and Polysomal Transcripts of T-DNA in Octopine Crown Gall Suspension and Callus-Cultures. Molecular & General Genetics 182 (2), pp. 255 - 262 (1981)
Journal Article
Willmitzer, L.; Schmalenbach, W.; Schell, J.: Transcription of T-DNA in Octopine and Nopaline Crown Gall Tumors Is Inhibited by Low Concentrations of Alpha-Amanitin. Nucleic Acids Research 9 (19), pp. 4801 - 4812 (1981)
Journal Article
Willmitzer, L.; Wagner, K. G.: The Isolation of Nuclei from Tissue-Cultured Plant-Cells. Experimental Cell Research 135 (1), pp. 69 - 77 (1981)

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Conference Paper
Heldt, H.-W.; Laing, W. A.; Lorimer, G. H.; Stitt, M.; Wirtz, W.: On the regulation of CO2 fixation by light. In: Proc. 5th Internat. Congress on Photosynthesis, pp. 213 - 226 (Ed. Akoyunoglou, G.). Proc. 5th Internat. Congress on Photosynthesis. (1981)
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