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  1. 1.
    Li, Y.; Lu, Y.; Li, L.; Chu, Z.; Zhang, H.; Li, H.; Fernie, A. R.; Ouyang, B.: Impairment of hormone pathways results in a general disturbance of fruit primary metabolism in tomato. Food Chemistry 274, S. 170 - 179 (2019)
  2. 2.
    Alhajturki, D.; Muralidharan, S.; Nurmi, M.; Rowan, B. A.; Lunn, J. E.; Boldt, H.; Salem, M.A.; Alseekh, S.; Jorzig, C.; Feil, R. et al.; Giavalisco, P.; Fernie, A. R.; Weigel, D.; Laitinen, R.: Dose-dependent interactions between two loci trigger altered shoot growth in BG-5 × Krotzenburg-0 (Kro-0) hybrids of Arabidopsis thaliana. New Phytologist 217 (1), S. 392 - 406 (2018)
  3. 3.
    Alseekh, S.; Bermudez, L.; de Haro, L. A.; Fernie, A. R.; Carrari, F.: Crop metabolomics: from diagnostics to assisted breeding. Metabolomics 14 (11), 148 (2018)
  4. 4.
    Alseekh, S.; Fernie, A. R.: Metabolomics 20years on: what have we learned and what hurdles remain? The Plant Journal 94 (6), S. 933 - 942 (2018)
  5. 5.
    Andersson, M.; Turesson, H.; Arrivault, S.; Zhang, Y.; Fält, A.-S.; Fernie, A. R.; Hofvander, P.: Inhibition of plastid PPase and NTT leads to major changes in starch and tuber formation in potato. Journal of Experimental Botany 69 (8), S. 1913 - 1924 (2018)
  6. 6.
    Annunziata, M. G.; Apelt, F.; Carillo, P.; Krause, U.; Feil, R.; Koehl, K. I.; Lunn, J. E.; Stitt, M.: Response of Arabidopsis primary metabolism and circadian clock to low night temperature in a natural light environment. Journal of Experimental Botany 69 (20), S. 4881 - 4895 (2018)
  7. 7.
    Annunziata, M. G.: The Long and the Short of It: GA 2-oxidaseA9 Regulates Plant Height in Wheat. PLANT PHYSIOLOGY 177 (1), S. 3 - 4 (2018)
  8. 8.
    Arif, M.A.; Alseekh, S.; Harb, J.; Fernie, A. R.; Frank, W.: Abscisic acid, cold and salt stimulate conserved metabolic regulation in the moss Physcomitrella patens. Plant Biology 20 (6), S. 1014 - 1022 (2018)
  9. 9.
    Ashtiani, M.; Salehzadeh-Yazdi, A.; Razaghi-Moghadam, Z.; Hennig, H.; Wolkenhauer, O.; Mirzaie, M.; Jafari, M.: A systematic survey of centrality measures for protein-protein interaction networks. BMC Systems Biology 12 (1), 80 (2018)
  10. 10.
    Avin-Wittenberg, T.; Baluška, F.; Bozhkov, P.V.; Elander, P.H.; Fernie, A. R.; Galili, G.; Hassan, A.; Hofius, D.; Isono, E.; Le Bars, R. et al.; Masclaux-Daubresse, C.; Minina, E.A.; Peled-Zehavi, H.; Coll, N.S.; Sandalio, L.M.; Satiat-Jeunemaitre, B.; Sirko, A.; Testillano, P.S.; Batoko, H.: Autophagy-related approaches for improving nutrient use efficiency and crop yield protection. Journal of Experimental Botany 69 (6), S. 1335 - 1353 (2018)
  11. 11.
    Avin-Wittenberg, T.; Baluska, F.; Bozhkov, P. V.; Elander, P. H.; Fernie, A. R.; Galili, G.; Hassan, A.; Hofius, D.; Isono, E.; Le Bars, R. et al.; Masclaux-Daubresse, C.; Minina, E. A.; Peled-Zehavi, H.; Coll, N. S.; Sandalio, L. M.; Satiat-Jeunemaitre, B.; Sirko, A.; Testillano, P. S.; Batoko, H.: Corrigendum: Autophagy-related approaches for improving nutrient use efficiency and crop yield protection. Journal of Experimental Botany 69 (12), S. 3173 - 3173 (2018)
  12. 12.
    Awais, M.; Ahmad, R.; Khan, N.; Garapati, P.; Shahzad, M.; Afroz, A.; Rashid, U.; Khan, S.A.: Transformation of tomato variety rio grande with drought resistant transcription factor gene ATAF1 and its molecular analysis. Pakistan Journal of Botany 50 (5), S. 1811 - 1820 (2018)
  13. 13.
    Bar-Even, A.: Daring metabolic designs for enhanced plant carbon fixation. Plant Science 273 (SI), S. 71 - 83 (2018)
  14. 14.
    Basler, G.; Thompson, M.; Tullman-Ercek, D.; Keasling, J.: A Pseudomonas putida efflux pump acts on short-chain alcohols. Biotechnology for Biofuels 11 (1), 136 (2018)
  15. 15.
    Beine-Golovchuk, O.; Firmino, A.; Dabrowska, A.; Schmidt, S.; Erban, A.; Walther, D.; Zuther, E.; Hincha, D. K.; Kopka, J.: Plant Temperature Acclimation and Growth Rely on Cytosolic Ribosome Biogenesis Factor Homologs. Plant Physiology 176 (3), S. 2251 - 2276 (2018)
  16. 16.
    Bermúdez, L.; Del Pozo, T.; Silvestre Lira, B.; de Godoy, F.; Boos, I.; Romanò, C.; Previtali, V.; Almeida, J.; Bréhélin, C.; Asis, R. et al.; Quadrana, L.; Demarco, D.; Alseekh, S.; Salinas Gamboa, R.; Pérez-Flores, L.; Dominguez, P.G.; Rothan, C.; Fernie, A. R.; González, M.; Stocker, A.; Hemmerle, A.; Clausen, M.H.; Carrari, F.; Rossi, M.: A Tomato Tocopherol-Binding Protein Sheds Light on Intracellular α-Tocopherol Metabolism in Plants. Plant and Cell Physiology 59 (11), S. 2188 - 2203 (2018)
  17. 17.
    Borghi, M.; Xie, D.-Y.: Cloning and characterization of a monoterpene synthase gene from flowers of Camelina sativa. Planta 247 (2), S. 443 - 457 (2018)
  18. 18.
    Brandt, S.; Fachinger, S.; Tohge, T.; Fernie, A. R.; Braun, H.-P.; Hildebrandt, T. M.: Extended darkness induces internal turnover of glucosinolates in Arabidopsis thaliana leaves. PLoS One 13 (8), S. 1 - 15 (2018)
  19. 19.
    Bustamante, C. A.; Brotman, Y.; Monti, L. L.; Gabilondo, J.; Budde, C. O.; Lara, M. V.; Fernie, A. R.; Drincovich, M. F.: Differential lipidome remodeling during postharvest of peach varieties with different susceptibility to chilling injury. Physiologia Plantarum 163 (1), S. 2 - 17 (2018)
  20. 20.
    Casartelli, A.; Riewe, D.; Hubberten, H. M.; Altmann, T.; Hoefgen, R.; Heuer, S.: Exploring traditional aus-type rice for metabolites conferring drought tolerance. Rice 11 (1), 9 (2018)
  21. 21.
    Chen, J.; Wang, J.; Chen, W.; Sun, W.; Peng, M.; Yuan, Z.; Shen, S.; Xie, K.; Jin, C.; Sun, Y. et al.; Liu, X.; Fernie, A. R.; Yu, S.; Luo, J.: Metabolome Analysis of Multi-Connected Biparental Chromosome Segment Substitution Line Populations. Plant Physiology 178 (2), S. 612 - 625 (2018)
  22. 22.
    Ciarmiello, L. F.; Di Maro, A.; Woodrow, P.; Annunziata, M. G.; Kafantaris, I.; Mirto, A.; Iannuzzi, F.; Fuggi, A.; Carillo, P.: Unveiling the Enigmatic Structure of TdCMO Transcripts in Durum Wheat. Agronomy 8 (11), 270 (2018)
  23. 23.
    Claassens, N. J.; Sánchez-Andrea, I.; Sousa, D.Z.; Bar-Even, A.: Towards sustainable feedstocks: A guide to electron donors for microbial carbon fixation. Current Opinion in Biotechnology 50, S. 195 - 205 (2018)
  24. 24.
    Cotton, C. A. R.; Edlich-Muth, C.; Bar-Even, A.: Reinforcing carbon fixation: CO2 reduction replacing and supporting carboxylation. Current Opinion in Biotechnology 49 (Supplement C), S. 49 - 56 (2018)
  25. 25.
    Cubillos, A.; Tong, H.; Alseekh, S.; de Abreu e Lima, F.; Yu, J.; Fernie, A. R.; Nikoloski, Z.; Laitinen, R.: Inheritance patterns in metabolism and growth in diallel crosses of Arabidopsis thaliana from a single growth habitat. Heredity 120, S. 463 - 473 (2018)
  26. 26.
    Cui, X.; Wang, Y.; Ren, Y.; Fernie, A. R.; Alseekh, S.; He, H.; Gong, G.; Zhang, H.; Guo, S.; Zhang, J. et al.; Xu, Y.: Variance analysis of metabolite components between low sugar wild and high sugar cultivated watermelon fruits. Acta Horticulturae Sinica 45 (4), S. 775 - 783 (2018)
  27. 27.
    Dalal, V.; Dagan, S.; Friedlander, G.; Aviv, E.; Bock, R.; Charuvi, D.; Reich, Z.; Adam, Z.: Transcriptome analysis highlights nuclear control of chloroplast development in the shoot apex. Scientific Reports 8 (1), 8881 (2018)
  28. 28.
    de Abreu e Lima, F.; Li, K.; Wen, W.; Yan, J.; Nikoloski, Z.; Willmitzer, L.; Brotman, Y.: Unraveling lipid metabolism in maize with time-resolved multi-omics data. The Plant Journal 93 (6), S. 1102 - 1115 (2018)
  29. 29.
    de Abreu e Lima, F.; Willmitzer, L.; Nikoloski, Z.: Classification-driven framework to predict maize hybrid field performance from metabolic profiles of young parental roots. PLoS One 13 (4), e0196038 (2018)
  30. 30.
    de Oliveira Silva, F. M.; Lichtenstein, G.; Alseekh, S.; Rosado-Souza, L.; Conte, M.; Suguiyama, V. F.; Lira, B. S.; Fanourakis, D.; Usadel, B.; Bhering, L. L. et al.; DaMatta, F. M.; Sulpice, R.; Araújo, W. L.; Rossi, M.; de Setta, N.; Fernie, A. R.; Carrari, F.; Nunes-Nesi, A.: The genetic architecture of photosynthesis and plant growth-related traits in tomato. Plant, Cell and Environment 41 (2), S. 327 - 341 (2018)
  31. 31.
    Del-Saz, N. F.; Ribas-Carbo, M.; McDonald, A. E.; Lambers, H.; Fernie, A. R.; Florez-Sarasa, I. D.: An In Vivo Perspective of the Role(s) of the Alternative Oxidase Pathway. Trends in Plant Science 23 (3), S. 206 - 219 (2018)
  32. 32.
    Dickinson, P. J.; Kumar, M.; Martinho, C.; Yoo, S. J.; Lan, H.; Artavanis, G.; Charoensawan, V.; Schöttler, M. A.; Bock, R.; Jaeger, K. E. et al.; Wigge, P. A.: Chloroplast Signaling Gates Thermotolerance in Arabidopsis. Cell Reports 22 (7), S. 1657 - 1665 (2018)
  33. 33.
    Doring, V.; Darii, E.; Yishai, O.; Bar-Even, A.; Bouzon, M.: Implementation of a Reductive Route of One-Carbon Assimilation in Escherichia coli through Directed Evolution. ACS Synthetic Biology 7 (9), S. 2029 - 2036 (2018)
  34. 34.
    Dotson, B. R.; Soltan, D.; Schmidt, J.; Areskoug, M.; Rabe, K.; Swart, C.; Widell, S.; Rasmusson, A. G.: The antibiotic peptaibol alamethicin from Trichoderma permeabilises Arabidopsis root apical meristem and epidermis but is antagonised by cellulase-induced resistance to alamethicin. BMC Plant Biology 18 (1), 165 (2018)
  35. 35.
    Durgud, M.; Gupta, S.; Ivanov, I.; Omidbakhshfard, M. A.; Benina, M.; Alseekh, S.; Staykov, N.; Hauenstein, M.; Dijkwel, P. P.; Hortensteiner, S. et al.; Toneva, V.; Brotman, Y.; Fernie, A. R.; Mueller-Roeber, B.; Gechev, T. S.: Molecular Mechanisms Preventing Senescence in Response to Prolonged Darkness in a Desiccation-Tolerant Plant. Plant Physiology 177 (3), S. 1319 - 1338 (2018)
  36. 36.
    Eng, R.C.; Sampathkumar, A.: Getting into shape: the mechanics behind plant morphogenesis. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 46, S. 25 - 31 (2018)
  37. 37.
    Etemadi, M.; Zuther, E.; Müller, H.; Hincha, D. K.; Berg, G.: Ecotype-Dependent Response of Bacterial Communities Associated with Arabidopsis to Cold Acclimation. Phytobiomes 2 (1), S. 3 - 13 (2018)
  38. 38.
    Farag, M. A.; Meyer, A.; Ali, S. E.; Salem, M.A.; Giavalisco, P.; Westphal, H.; Wessjohann, L. A.: Comparative Metabolomics Approach Detects Stress-Specific Responses during Coral Bleaching in Soft Corals. Journal of Proteome Research 17 (6), S. 2060 - 2071 (2018)
  39. 39.
    Fedosejevs, E.T.; Feil, R.; Lunn, J. E.; Plaxton, W.C.: The signal metabolite trehalose-6-phosphate inhibits the sucrolytic activity of sucrose synthase from developing castor beans. FEBS Letters 592 (15), S. 2525 - 2532 (2018)
  40. 40.
    Fernandez Del-Saz, N.; Romero-Munar, A.; Cawthray, G. R.; Palma, F.; Aroca, R.; Baraza, E.; Florez-Sarasa, I. D.; Lambers, H.; Ribas-Carbo, M.: Phosphorus concentration coordinates a respiratory bypass, synthesis and exudation of citrate, and the expression of high-affinity phosphorus transporters in Solanum lycopersicum. Plant, Cell and Environment 41 (4), S. 865 - 875 (2018)
  41. 41.
    Fernie, A. R.: Extending the cascade: identification of a mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphatase playing a key role in rice yield. The Plant Journal 95 (6), S. 935 - 936 (2018)
  42. 42.
    Fernie, A. R.; Alseekh, S.: Defining the convergence of ethylene and auxin signaling in tomato. New Phytologist 219 (2), S. 479 - 481 (2018)
  43. 43.
    Fernie, A. R.; Zhang, Y.; Sweetlove, L. J.: Passing the Baton: Substrate Channelling in Respiratory Metabolism. Research (2018)
  44. 44.
    Ferrari, C.; Proost, S.; Ruprecht, C.; Mutwil, M.: PhytoNet: comparative co-expression network analyses across phytoplankton and land plants. Nucleic Acids Research 46 (W1), S. W76 - W83 (2018)
  45. 45.
    Ferreira, D. A.; Martins, M. C. M.; Cheavegatti-Gianotto, A.; Carneiro, M. S.; Amadeu, R. R.; Aricetti, J. A.; Wolf, L. D.; Hoffmann, H. P.; de Abreu, L. G. F.; Caldana, C.: Metabolite Profiles of Sugarcane Culm Reveal the Relationship Among Metabolism and Axillary Bud Outgrowth in Genetically Related Sugarcane Commercial Cultivars. Frontiers in Plant Science (2018)
  46. 46.
    Fisahn, J.: Are there tides within trees? Annals of Botany 122 (5), S. 735 - 739 (2018)
  47. 47.
    Fisahn, J.; Barlow, P.; Dorda, G.: A proposal to explain how the circatidal rhythm of the Arabidopsis thaliana root elongation rate could be mediated by the lunisolar gravitational force: a quantum physical approach. Annals of Botany 122 (5), S. 725 - 733 (2018)
  48. 48.
    Frei, B.; Eisenach, C.; Martinoia, E.; Hussein, S.; Chen, X.-Z.; Arrivault, S.; Neuhaus, H.E.: Purification and functional characterization of the vacuolar malate transporter tDT from Arabidopsis. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 293 (11), S. 4180 - 4190 (2018)
  49. 49.
    Fuentes, P.; Armarego-Marriott, T.; Bock, R.: Plastid transformation and its application in metabolic engineering. Current Opinion in Biotechnology 49, S. 10 - 15 (2018)
  50. 50.
    Gakiere, B.; Fernie, A. R.; Petriacq, P.: More to NAD(+) than meets the eye: A regulator of metabolic pools and gene expression in Arabidopsis. Free Radical Biology and Medicine 122, S. 86 - 95 (2018)
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