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Journal Article
Lohse, M., Nagel, A., Herter, T., May, P., Schroda, M., Zrenner, R., Tohge, T., Fernie, A. R., Stitt, M. & Usadel, B. Mercator: a fast and simple web server for genome scale functional annotation of plant sequence data. Plant Cell Environment 37, 1250–1258 (2014).
Journal Article
Toepel, J., Illmer-Kephalides, M., Jaenicke, S., Straube, J., May, P., Goesmann, A. & Kruse, O. New insights into Chlamydomonas reinhardtii hydrogen production processes by combined microarray/RNA-seq transcriptomics. PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL 11, 717–733 (2013).
Journal Article
Thieme, C. J., Schudoma, C., May, P. & Walther, D. Give It AGO: The Search for miRNA-Argonaute Sorting Signals in Arabidopsis thaliana Indicates a Relevance of Sequence Positions Other than the 5'-Position Alone. Frontiers in plant science 3, 272 (2012).
Journal Article
Branscheid, A., Devers, E. A., May, P. & Krajinski, F. Distribution pattern of small RNA and degradome reads provides information on miRNA gene structure and regulation. Plant Signaling & Behavior 6, 1609–1611 (2011).
Journal Article
Devers, E. A., Branscheid, A., May, P. & Krajinski, F. Stars and Symbiosis: MicroRNA- and MicroRNA*-Mediated Transcript Cleavage Involved in Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiosis. Plant Physiology 156, 1990–2010 (2011).
Journal Article
Lenz, D., May, P. & Walther, D. Comparative analysis of miRNAs and their targets across four plant species. BMC Research Notes 4, 483 (2011).
Journal Article
Branscheid, A., Sieh, D., Pant, B. D., May, P., Devers, E. A., Elkrog, A., Schauser, L., Scheible, W.-R. & Krajinski, F. Expression Pattern Suggests a Role of MiR399 in the Regulation of the Cellular Response to Local Pi Increase During Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiosis. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 23, 915–926 (2010).
Journal Article
May, P., Kreuchwig, A., Steinke, T. & Koch, I. PTGL: a database for secondary structure-based protein topologies. Nucleic Acids Research 38, D326–D330 (2010).
Journal Article
Nikoloski, Z., May, P. & Selbig, J. Algebraic connectivity may explain the evolution of gene regulatory networks. Journal of Theoretical Biology 267, 7–14 (2010).
Journal Article
Schudoma, C., May, P., Nikiforova, V. & Walther, D. Sequence-structure relationships in RNA loops: establishing the basis for loop homology modeling. Nucleic Acids Research 38, 970–980 (2010).
Journal Article
Schudoma, C., May, P. & Walther, D. Modeling RNA loops using sequence homology and geometric constraints. Bioinformatics 26, 1671–1672 (2010).
Journal Article
Wienkoop, S., Weiss, J., May, P., Kempa, S., Irgang, S., Recuenco-Munoz, L., Pietzke, M., Schwemmer, T., Rupprecht, J., Egelhofer, V. & Weckwerth, W. Targeted proteomics for Chlamydomonas reinhardtii combined with rapid subcellular protein fractionation, metabolomics and metabolic flux analyses. Molecular Biosystems 6, 1018–1031 (2010).
Journal Article
Childs, L., Nikoloski, Z., May, P. & Walther, D. Identification and classification of ncRNA molecules using graph properties. Nucleic Acids Research 37, e66 (2009).
Journal Article
Christian, N., May, P., Kempa, S., Handorf, T. & Ebenhoeh, O. An integrative approach towards completing genome-scale metabolic networks. Molecular Biosystems 5, 1889–1903 (2009).
Journal Article
Guenther, S., von Eichborn, J., May, P. & Preissner, R. JAIL: a structure-based interface library for macromolecules. Nucleic Acids Research 37, 338–341 (2009).
Journal Article
May, P., Christian, J. O., Kempa, S. & Walther, D. ChlamyCyc: an integrative systems biology database and web-portal for Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. BMC Genomics 10, 209 (2009).
Journal Article
Pant, B. D., Musialak-Lange, M., Nuc, P., May, P., Buhtz, A., Kehr, J., Walther, D. & Scheible, W.-R. Identification of Nutrient-Responsive Arabidopsis and Rapeseed MicroRNAs by Comprehensive Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Profiling and Small RNA Sequencing. Plant Physiology 150, 1541–1555 (2009).
Journal Article
May, P., Wienkoop, S., Kempa, S., Usadel, B., Christian, N., Rupprecht, J., Weiss, J., Recuenco-Munoz, L., Ebenhoeh, O., Weckwerth, W. & Walther, D. Metabolomics- and proteomics-assisted genome annotation and analysis of the draft metabolic network of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Genetics 179, 157–166 (2008).
Journal Article
Nikoloski, Z., Grimbs, S., May, P. & Selbig, J. Metabolic networks are NP-hard to reconstruct. Journal of Theoretical Biology 254, 807–816 (2008).

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
May, P., Christian, N., Ebenhoeh, O., Weckwerth, W. & Walther, D. in Bioinformatics for Comparative Proteomics (eds. Wu, C. H. & Chen, C.) 341–363 (Humana Press Inc., 2011). doi:10.1007/978-1-60761-977-2_21
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