Publications of C. Schudoma

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Journal Article
Thieme, C. J., Rojas-Triana, M., Stecyk, E., Schudoma, C., Zhang, W., Yang, L., Minambres, M., Walther, D., Schulze, W. X., Paz-Ares, J., Scheible, W.-R. & Kragler, F. Endogenous Arabidopsis messenger RNAs transported to distant tissues. Nature Plants 1, (2015).
Journal Article
Ikeue, D., Schudoma, C., Zhang, W., Ogata, Y., Sakamoto, T., Kurata, T., Furuhashi, T., Kragler, F. & Aoki, K. A bioinformatics approach to distinguish plant parasite and host transcriptomes in interface tissue by classifying RNA-Seq reads. Plant Methods 11, (2015).
Journal Article
Sprenger, H., Rudack, K., Schudoma, C., Neumann, A., Seddig, S., Peters, R., Zuther, E., Kopka, J., Hincha, D. K., Walther, D. & Koehl, K. I. Assessment of drought tolerance and its potential yield penalty in potato. Functional Plant Biology 42, 655–667 (2015).
Journal Article
Billiau, K., Sprenger, H., Schudoma, C., Walther, D. & Koehl, K. I. Data management pipeline for plant phenotyping in a multisite project. Functional Plant Biology 39, 948–957 (2012).
Journal Article
Bringmann, M., Landrein, B., Schudoma, C., Hamant, O., Hauser, M. T. & Persson, S. Cracking the elusive alignment hypothesis: the microtubule-cellulose synthase nexus unraveled. Trends in Plant Science 17, 666–674 (2012).
Journal Article
Thieme, C. J., Schudoma, C., May, P. & Walther, D. Give It AGO: The Search for miRNA-Argonaute Sorting Signals in Arabidopsis thaliana Indicates a Relevance of Sequence Positions Other than the 5'-Position Alone. Frontiers in plant science 3, 272 (2012).
Journal Article
Haedrich, N., Gibon, Y., Schudoma, C., Altmann, T., Lunn, J. E. & Stitt, M. Use of TILLING and robotised enzyme assays to generate an allelic series of Arabidopsis thaliana mutants with altered ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase activity. Journal of Plant Physiology 168, 1395–1405 (2011).
Journal Article
Janssen, S., Schudoma, C., Steger, G. & Giegerich, R. Lost in folding space? Comparing four variants of the thermodynamic model for RNA secondary structure prediction. BMC Bioinformatics 12, 429 (2011).
Journal Article
Schudoma, C. It's a loop world – single strands in RNA as structural and functional elements. BioMolecular Concepts 2, 171–181 (2011).
Journal Article
Schudoma, C., Larhlimi, A. & Walther, D. The influence of the local sequence environment on RNA loop structures. Rna-a Publication of the Rna Society 17, 1247–1257 (2011).
Journal Article
Schudoma, C., May, P., Nikiforova, V. & Walther, D. Sequence-structure relationships in RNA loops: establishing the basis for loop homology modeling. Nucleic Acids Research 38, 970–980 (2010).
Journal Article
Schudoma, C., May, P. & Walther, D. Modeling RNA loops using sequence homology and geometric constraints. Bioinformatics 26, 1671–1672 (2010).
Journal Article
Durek, P., Schudoma, C., Weckwerth, W., Selbig, J. & Walther, D. Detection and characterization of 3D-signature phosphorylation site motifs and their contribution towards improved phosphorylation site prediction in proteins. BMC Bioinformatics 10, 117 (2009).

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Schudoma, C., Steinfath, M., Sprenger, H., van Dongen, J., Hincha, D. K., Zuther, E., Geigenberger, P., Kopka, J., Koehl, K. I. & Walther, D. in High Throughput Phenotyping in Plants (ed. Normanly, J.) (Humana Press Inc., 2012). at <>
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