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Journal Article (85)

Journal Article
Deng, M. C., Eisen, H. J., Mehra, M. R., Billingham, M., Marboe, C. C., Berry, G., Kobashigawa, J., Johnson, F. L., Starling, R. C., Murali, S., Pauly, D. F., Baron, H., Wohlgemuth, J. G., Woodward, R. N., Klingler, T. M., Walther, D., Lal, P. G., Rosenberg, S. & Hunt, S. Noninvasive discrimination of rejection in cardiac allograft recipients using gene expression profiling. American Journal of Transplantation 6, 150–160 (2006).
Journal Article
Mehra, M. R., Uber, P. A., Walther, D., Vesely, M., Wohlgemuth, J. G., Prentice, J., Tayama, D. & Billingham, M. Gene expression profiles and B-type natriuretic peptide elevation in heart transplantation more than a hemodynamic marker. Circulation 114, I21–I26 (2006).
Journal Article
Jin, P., Walther, D., Zhang, J., Rowe-Teeter, C. & Fu, G. K. Serine 171, a conserved residue in the gamma-aminobutyric acid type A (GABA(A)) receptor gamma 2 subunit, mediates subunit interaction and cell surface localization. Journal of Biological Chemistry 279, 14179–14183 (2004).
Journal Article
Gabdoulline, R. R., Wade, R. C. & Walther, D. MolSurfer: a macromolecular interface navigator. Nucleic Acids Research 31, 3349–3351 (2003).
Journal Article
Meyer, A. S., Gillespie, J. R., Walther, D., Millet, I. S., Doniach, S. & Frydman, J. Closing the folding chamber of the eukaryotic chaperonin requires the transition state of ATP hydrolysis. Cell 113, 369–381 (2003).

Book Chapter (8)

Book Chapter
Walther, D. in The analysis of cis-elements: Current developments, knowledge and applications to gene networking (eds. Berendzen, K. & Wanke, D.) 176–188 (Bentham Books, 2013). doi: 10.2174/9781608054923113010012
Book Chapter
Hummel, J., Strehmel, N., Boelling, C., Schmidt, S., Walther, D. & Kopka, J. in The Handbook of Plant Metabolomics (ed. Weckwerth, W.) 321–343 (2012). at <>
Book Chapter
Schudoma, C., Steinfath, M., Sprenger, H., van Dongen, J., Hincha, D. K., Zuther, E., Geigenberger, P., Kopka, J., Koehl, K. I. & Walther, D. in High Throughput Phenotyping in Plants (ed. Normanly, J.) (Humana Press Inc., 2012). at <>
Book Chapter
Kopka, J., Walther, D., Allwood, J. W. & Goodacre, R. in The biology of plant metabolomics (ed. Hall, R. D.) 317–342 (Blackwell-Wiley, 2011). doi:10.1002/9781444339956.ch10
Book Chapter
May, P., Christian, N., Ebenhoeh, O., Weckwerth, W. & Walther, D. in Bioinformatics for Comparative Proteomics (eds. Wu, C. H. & Chen, C.) 341–363 (Humana Press Inc., 2011). doi:10.1007/978-1-60761-977-2_21
Book Chapter
Kempa, S., Walther, D., Ebenhoeh, O. & Weckwerth, W. in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (eds. Walker, J. & Rapley, R.) 194–217 (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2009). at <>
Book Chapter
Hummel, J., Selbig, J., Walther, D. & Kopka, J. in Metabolomics: A Powerful Tool in Systems Biology (eds. Nielsen, J. & Jewett, M.) 75–95 (Springer-Verlag, 2007). doi:10.1007/978-3-540-74719-2
Book Chapter
Steinfath, M., Repsilber, D., Scholz, M., Walther, D. & Selbig, J. in Plant Systems Biology (eds. Baginski, S. & Fernie, A.) 309–329 (Birkhäuser Verlag, 2007). at <>

Meeting Abstract (1)

Meeting Abstract
Meyer, R. C., Lisec, J., Sulpice, R., Steinfath, M., Gaertner, T., Becher, M., Witucka-Wall, H., von Korff, M., Gunther, T., Childs, L., Scharr, H., Walter, A., Torjek, O., Fiehn, O., Schurr, U., Schmid, K., Walther, D., Gibon, Y., Selbig, J., Stitt, M., Willmitzer, L. & Altmann, T. Analysis of Arabidopsis natural variation in biomass accumulation and metabolism. in New Biotechnology 25, S307–S307 (2009).

Editorial (1)

Carroll, A. J., Salek, R. M., Arita, M., Kopka, J. & Walther, D. Metabolome Informatics and Statistics: Current State and Emerging Trends. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 4, 63–63 (2016).
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