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Alshareef, N. O., Otterbach, S. L., Allu, A. D., Woo, Y. H., de Werk, T., Kamranfar, I., Mueller-Roeber, B., Tester, M., Balazadeh, S. & Schmöckel, S. M. NAC transcription factors ATAF1 and ANAC055 affect the heat stress response in Arabidopsis. Scientific Reports 12, (2022).
Journal Article
Allu, A. D., Simancas, B., Balazadeh, S. & Munne-Bosch, S. Defense-Related Transcriptional Reprogramming in Vitamin E-Deficient Arabidopsis Mutants Exposed to Contrasting Phosphate Availability. Frontiers in Plant Science 8, (2017).
Journal Article
Ebrahimian-Motlagh, S., Ribone, P. A., Thirumalaikumar, V. P., Allu, A. D., Chan, R. L., Mueller-Roeber, B. & Balazadeh, S. JUNGBRUNNEN1 Confers Drought Tolerance Downstream of the HD-Zip I Transcription Factor AtHB13. Frontiers in Plant Science 8, (2017).
Journal Article
Shahnejat-Bushehri, S., Allu, A. D., Mehterov, N., Thirumalaikumar, V. P., Alseekh, S., Fernie, A. R., Mueller-Roeber, B. & Balazadeh, S. Arabidopsis NAC Transcription Factor JUNGBRUNNEN1 Exerts Conserved Control Over Gibberellin and Brassinosteroid Metabolism and Signaling Genes in Tomato. Frontiers in Plant Science 8, (2017).
Journal Article
Allu, A. D., Brotman, Y., Xue, G. P. & Balazadeh, S. Transcription factor ANAC032 modulates JA/SA signalling in response to Pseudomonas syringae infection. EMBO Reports 17, 1499–1671 (2016).
Journal Article
Shahnejat-Bushehri, S., Nobmann, B., Allu, A. D. & Balazadeh, S. JUB1 suppresses Pseudomonas syringae-induced defense responses through accumulation of DELLA proteins. Plant Signaling & Behavior 11, (2016).
Journal Article
Allu, A. D., Soja, A. M., Wu, A., Szymanski, J. & Balazadeh, S. Salt stress and senescence: identification of cross-talk regulatory components. Journal of Experimental Botany 65, 3993–4008 (2014).
Journal Article
Wu, A., Allu, A. D., Garapati, P., Siddiqui, H., Dortay, H., Zanor, M. I., Asensi-Fabado, M. A., Munne-Bosch, S., Antonio, C., Tohge, T., Fernie, A. R., Kaufmann, K., Xue, G. P., Mueller-Roeber, B. & Balazadeh, S. JUNGBRUNNEN1, a reactive oxygen species-responsive NAC transcription factor, regulates longevity in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell 24, 482–506 (2012).
Journal Article
Balazadeh, S., Siddiqui, H., Allu, A. D., Matallana-Ramirez, L. P., Caldana, C., Mehrnia, M., Zanor, M. I., Koehler, B. & Mueller-Roeber, B. A gene regulatory network controlled by the NAC transcription factor ANAC092/AtNAC2/ORE1 during salt-promoted senescence. Plant Journal 62, 250–264 (2010).
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