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Journal Article
Mehrnia, M., Balazadeh, S., Zanor, M. I. & Mueller-Roeber, B. EBE, an AP2/ERF Transcription Factor Highly Expressed in Proliferating Cells, Affects Shoot Architecture in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Physiology 162, 842–857 (2013).
Journal Article
Balazadeh, S., Kwasniewski, M., Caldana, C., Mehrnia, M., Zanor, M. I., Xue, G. P. & Mueller-Roeber, B. ORS1, an H(2)O(2)-Responsive NAC Transcription Factor, Controls Senescence in Arabidopsis thaliana. Molecular Plant 4, 346–360 (2011).
Journal Article
Balazadeh, S., Siddiqui, H., Allu, A. D., Matallana-Ramirez, L. P., Caldana, C., Mehrnia, M., Zanor, M. I., Koehler, B. & Mueller-Roeber, B. A gene regulatory network controlled by the NAC transcription factor ANAC092/AtNAC2/ORE1 during salt-promoted senescence. Plant Journal 62, 250–264 (2010).
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