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Salem, M. A., Yoshida, T., de Souza, L. P., Alseekh, S., Bajdzienko, K., Fernie, A. R. & Giavalisco, P. An improved extraction method enables the comprehensive analysis of lipids, proteins, metabolites and phytohormones from a single sample of leaf tissue under water-deficit stress. The Plant Journal 103, 1614–1632 (2020).
Journal Article
Salem, M. A., Li, Y., Bajdzienko, K., Fisahn, J., Watanabe, M., Hoefgen, R., Schöttler, M. A. & Giavalisco, P. RAPTOR controls developmental growth transitions by altering the hormonal and metabolic balance. Plant Physiology 177, 565–593 (2018).
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Hanhart, P., Thiess, M., Amari, K., Bajdzienko, K., Giavalisco, P., Heinlein, M. & Kehr, J. Bioinformatic and expression analysis of the Brassica napus L. cyclophilins. Scientific Reports 7, (2017).
Journal Article
Salem, M. A., Jueppner, J., Bajdzienko, K. & Giavalisco, P. Protocol: A fast, comprehensive and reproducible one-step extraction method for the rapid preparation of polar and semi-polar metabolites, lipids, proteins, starch and cell wall polymers from a single sample. Plant Methods 12, (2016).
Journal Article
Avin-Wittenberg, T., Bajdzienko, K., Wittenberg, G., Alseekh, S., Tohge, T., Bock, R., Giavalisco, P. & Fernie, A. R. Global Analysis of the Role of Autophagy in Cellular Metabolism and Energy Homeostasis in Arabidopsis Seedlings under Carbon Starvation. The Plant Cell 27, 306–322 (2015).

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Salem, M. A., Bernach, M., Bajdzienko, K. & Giavalisco, P. A Simple Fractionated Extraction Method for the Comprehensive Analysis of Metabolites, Lipids, and Proteins from a Single Sample. Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE, 2017). doi:10.3791/55802
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