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Chen, L.; Zhao, H.; Chen, Y.; Jiang, F.; Zhou, F.; Liu, Q.; Fan, Y.; Liu, T.; Tu, W.; Walther, D. et al.; Song, B.: Comparative transcriptomics analysis reveals a calcineurin B-like gene to positively regulate constitutive and acclimated freezing tolerance in potato. Plant, Cell and Environment n/a (n/a) (2022)
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Vyse, K.; Fischer, A.; Zajancauskaite, G.; Erban, A.; Kopka, J.; Balazadeh, S.; Zuther, E.: Co-expression networks of deacclimation-impaired transcription factor mutants identified complex regulation of the cold stress release response. Physiologia Plantarum 174 (4), e13746 (2022)
Journal Article
Fischer, A.; Dotzek, J.; Walther, D.; Greiner, S.: Graph-based models of the Oenothera mitochondrial genome capture the enormous complexity of higher plant mitochondrial DNA organization. NAR: genomics and bioinformatics 4 (2), lqac027 (2022)
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Hoang, Y.; Gryzik, S.; Hoppe, I.; Rybak, A.; Schädlich, M.; Kadner, I.; Walther, D.; Vera, J.; Radbruch, A.; Groth, D. et al.; Baumgart, S.; Baumgrass, R.: PRI: Re-analysis of a public mass cytometry dataset reveals patterns of effective tumor treatments. Frontiers in immunology 13, 849329 (2022)
Journal Article
Thieme, S.; Walther, D.: Biclique extension as an effective approach to identify missing links in metabolic compound-protein interaction networks. Bioinformatics advances 2 (1), vbac001 (2022)
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