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Brigante, F. I.; Lucini Mas, A.; Erban, A.; Fehrle, I.; Martinez-Seidel, F.; Kopka, J.; Wunderlin, D. A.; Baroni, M. V.: Authenticity assessment of commercial bakery products with chia, flax and sesame seeds: Application of targeted and untargeted metabolomics results from seeds and lab-scale cookies. Food control 140, 109114 (2022)
Journal Article
Vyse, K.; Fischer, A.; Zajancauskaite, G.; Erban, A.; Kopka, J.; Balazadeh, S.; Zuther, E.: Co-expression networks of deacclimation-impaired transcription factor mutants identified complex regulation of the cold stress release response. Physiologia Plantarum 174 (4), e13746 (2022)
Journal Article
Vyse, K.; Schaarschmidt, S.; Erban, A.; Kopka, J.; Zuther, E.: Specific CBF transcription factors and cold-responsive genes fine-tune the early triggering response after acquisition of cold priming and memory. Physiologia Plantarum 174 (4), e13740 (2022)
Journal Article
Zhao, Y.; Agrawal, N.; Ghareeb, H.; Habib, M. T.; Dickmeis, S.; Schwachtje, J.; Iven, T. E.; Kopka, J.; Feussner, I.; Schirawski, J.: The Sporisorium reilianum Effector Vag2 Promotes Head Smut Disease via Suppression of Plant Defense Responses. Journal of Fungi 8 (5), 498 (2022)
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