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Journal Article (10)

Journal Article
Dauwe, R.; Morreel, K.; Goeminne, G.; Gielen, B.; Rohde, A.; van Beeumen, J.; Ralph, J.; Boudet, A. M.; Kopka, J.; Rochange, S. F. et al.; Halpin, C.; Messens, E.; Boerjan, W.: Molecular phenotyping of lignin-modified tobacco reveals associated changes in cell-wall metabolism, primary metabolism, stress metabolism and photorespiration. Plant Journal 52 (2), pp. 263 - 285 (2007)
Journal Article
Hannah, M. A.; Kraemer, K. M.; Geffroy, V.; Kopka, J.; Blair, M. W.; Erban, A.; Vallejos, C. E.; Heyer, A. G.; Sanders, F. E.; Millner, P. A. et al.; Pilbeam, D. J.: Hybrid weakness controlled by the dosage-dependent lethal (DL) gene system in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) is caused by a shoot-derived inhibitory signal leading to salicylic acid-associated root death. New Phytologist 176 (3), pp. 537 - 549 (2007)
Journal Article
Hernandez, G.; Ramirez, M.; Valdes-Lopez, O.; Tesfaye, M.; Graham, M. A.; Czechowski, T.; Schlereth, A.; Wandrey, M.; Erban, A.; Cheung, F. et al.; Wu, H. C.; Lara, M.; Town, C. D.; Kopka, J.; Udvardi, M. K.; Vance, C. P.: Phosphorus stress in common bean: Root transcript and metabolic responses. Plant Physiology 144 (2), pp. 752 - 767 (2007)
Journal Article
Huege, J.; Sulpice, R.; Gibon, Y.; Lisec, J.; Koehl, K. I.; Kopka, J.: GC-EI-TOF-MS analysis of in vivo carbon-partitioning into soluble metabolite pools of higher plants by monitoring isotope dilution after 13CO2 labelling. Phytochemistry 68 (16-18), pp. 2258 - 2272 (2007)
Journal Article
Kaplan, F.; Kopka, J.; Sung, D. Y.; Zhao, W.; Popp, M.; Porat, R.; Guy, C. L.: Transcript and metabolite profiling during cold acclimation of Arabidopsis reveals an intricate relationship of cold-regulated gene expression with modifications in metabolite content. Plant Journal 50 (6), pp. 967 - 981 (2007)
Journal Article
Kempa, S.; Rozhon, W.; Samaj, J.; Erban, A.; Baluska, F.; Becker, T.; Haselmayer, J.; Schleiff, E.; Kopka, J.; Hirt, H. et al.; Jonak, C.: A plastid-localized glycogen synthase kinase 3 modulates stress tolerance and carbohydrate metabolism. Plant Journal 49 (6), pp. 1076 - 1090 (2007)
Journal Article
Leple, J. C.; Dauwe, R.; Morreel, K.; Storme, V.; Lapierre, C.; Pollet, B.; Naumann, A.; Kang, K. Y.; Kim, H.; Ruel, K. et al.; Lefebvre, A.; Joseleau, J. P.; Grima-Pettenati, J.; De Rycke, R.; Andersson-Gunneras, S.; Erban, A.; Fehrle, I.; Petit-Conil, M.; Kopka, J.; Polle, A.; Messens, E.; Sundberg, B.; Mansfield, S. D.; Ralph, J.; Pilate, G.; Boerjan, W.: Downregulation of cinnamoyl-coenzyme a reductase in poplar: multiple-level phenotyping reveals effects on cell wall polymer metabolism and structure. Plant Cell 19 (11), pp. 3669 - 3691 (2007)
Journal Article
Parveen, I.; Moorby, J. M.; Fraser, M. D.; Allison, G. G.; Kopka, J.: Application of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry metabolite profiling techniques to the analysis of heathland plant diets of sheep. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 55 (4), pp. 1129 - 1138 (2007)
Journal Article
Schaarschmidt, S.; Kopka, J.; Ludwig-Mueller, J.; Hause, B.: Regulation of arbuscular mycorrhization by apoplastic invertases: enhanced invertase activity in the leaf apoplast affects the symbiotic interaction. Plant Journal 51 (3), pp. 390 - 405 (2007)
Journal Article
Sumner, L. W.; Amberg, A.; Barrett, D.; Beale, M. H.; Beger, R.; Daykin, C. A.; Fan, T. W. M.; Fiehn, O.; Goodacre, R.; Griffin, J. L. et al.; Hankemeier, T.; Hardy, N.; Harnly, J.; Higashi, R.; Kopka, J.; Lane, A. N.; Lindon, J. C.; Marriott, P.; Nicholls, A. W.; Reily, M. D.; Thaden, J. J.; Viant, M. R.: Proposed minimum reporting standards for chemical analysis. Metabolomics 3 (3), pp. 211 - 221 (2007)

Book Chapter (4)

Book Chapter
Erban, A.; Schauer, N.; Fernie, A. R.; Kopka, J.: Nonsupervised construction and application of mass spectral and retention time index libraries from time-of-flight gas chromatography-mass spectrometry metabolite profiles. In: Metabolomics: Methods and Protocols, pp. 19 - 38 (Ed. Weckwerth, W.). Humana Press Inc., Totowa, NJ, USA (2007)
Book Chapter
Hummel, J.; Selbig, J.; Walther, D.; Kopka, J.: The Golm Metabolome Database: a database for GC-MS based metabolite profiling. In: Metabolomics: A Powerful Tool in Systems Biology, pp. 75 - 95 (Eds. Nielsen, J.; Jewett, M.). Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York (2007)
Book Chapter
Steinhauser, D.; Kopka, J.: Methods, applications and concepts of metabolite profiling: primary metabolism. In: Plant Systems Biology, pp. 171 - 194 (Eds. Baginsky, S.; Fernie, A. R.). Verlag Birkhäuser, Basel, SUI (2007)
Book Chapter
Zuther, E.; Koehl, K. I.; Kopka, J.: Comparative metabolome analysis of the salt response in breeding cultivars of rice. In: Advances in molecular breeding toward drought and salt tolerant crops., pp. 285 - 315 (Eds. Jenks, M. A.; Hasegawa, P. M.; Jain, S. M.). Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York (2007)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Birkemeye, C.; Kopka, J.: Design of metabolite recovery by variations of the metabolite profiling protocol. In: Concepts in Plant Metabolomics, pp. 45 - 69. 3rd International Congress on Plant Metabolomics, Ames, IA. (2007)
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