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Moschen, S., Bengoa Luoni, S., Di Rienzo, J. A., del Pilar Caro, M., Tohge, T., Watanabe, M., Hollmann, J., Gonzalez, S., Rivarola, M., Garcia-Garcia, F., Dopazo, J., Esteban Hopp, H., Hoefgen, R., Fernie, A. R., Paniego, N., Fernandez, P. & Heinz, R. A. Integrating transcriptomic and metabolomic analysis to understand natural leaf senescence in sunflower. Plant Biotechnology Journal 14, 719–734 (2016).
Journal Article
Aarabi, F., Kusajima, M., Tohge, T., Konishi, T., Gigolashvili, T., Takamune, M., Sasazaki, Y., Watanabe, M., Nakashita, H., Fernie, A. R., Saito, K., Takahashi, H., Hubberten, H. M., Hoefgen, R. & Maruyama-Nakashita, A. Sulfur deficiency–induced repressor proteins optimize glucosinolate biosynthesis in plants. Science Advances 2, (2016).
Journal Article
Figueroa, C. M., Feil, R., Ishihara, H., Watanabe, M., Kolling, K., Krause, U., Höhne, M., Encke, B., Plaxton, W. C., Zeeman, S. C., Li, Z., Schulze, W. X., Hoefgen, R., Stitt, M. & Lunn, J. E. Trehalose 6-phosphate coordinates organic and amino acid metabolism with carbon availability. The Plant Journal 85, 410–423 (2016).
Journal Article
Prodhan, M. A., Jost, R., Watanabe, M., Hoefgen, R., Lambers, H. & Finnegan, P. M. Tight control of nitrate acquisition in a plant species that evolved in an extremely phosphorus-impoverished environment. Plant, Cell and Environment 39, 2754–2761 (2016).
Journal Article
Tohge, T., Wendenburg, R., Ishihara, H., Nakabayashi, R., Watanabe, M., Sulpice, R., Hoefgen, R., Takayama, H., Saito, K., Stitt, M. & Fernie, A. R. Characterization of a recently evolved flavonol-phenylacyltransferase gene provides signatures of natural light selection in Brassicaceae. Nature Communications 7, (2016).
Journal Article
Vicente, R., Pérez, P., Martínez-Carrasco, R., Feil, R., Lunn, J. E., Watanabe, M., Arrivault, S., Stitt, M., Hoefgen, R. & Morcuende, R. Metabolic and Transcriptional Analysis of Durum Wheat Responses to Elevated CO2 at Low and High Nitrate Supply. Plant Cell Physiology 57, 2133–2146 (2016).
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