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On this page you can find our institutes brochure in English.
Our overall goal is to understand how growth and metabolism are regulated, to unravel the underlying genetic factors. [more]
Read what the employees of the MPI-MP have to say about their institute; how they got here and what they like most about their jobs. [more]
A detailed understanding of plant growth represents one of the greatest challenges in plant physiology, but we are very well prepared to accomplish this challenge. [more]
Although the main mandate of the institute is to perform cutting-edge basic research in plant biology, which ends up in scientific breakthroughs and publications, we also continue to explore the potential of our discoveries and developed methods in applied research. [more]
Many young researchers from all over the world come to the institute to work on their PhD. Expecially the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) is very attractive for scientists from Germany and abroad. [more]
The MPI-MP maintains close links with the neighbouring University of Potsdam and has established various international cooperations. Its location offers a pleasant working environment and a good quality of life. [more]


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September 2012

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