Results and Excellence

Although the main mandate of the institute is to perform cutting-edge basic research in plant biology, which ends up in scientific breakthroughs and publications, we also continue to explore the potential of our discoveries and developed methods in applied research. New lines of applied research at the institute have been established. Some examples are the application of metabolite profiling techniques in biomarker discovery e.g. for diagnosis of human diseases, the development and commercialisation of a cryorobot for sample handling, cutting edge spectroscopic apparatus for photosynthesis research, the exploration of the potential of chloroplast genetic engineering for the design and production of novel pharmaceuticals e.g. edible vaccines and next-generation antibiotics, and the development of new tools for algal biotechnology. 

The institute has a broad range of data bases available which is continuously developed and is widely used throughout the world, including the MapMan ontology and tools for analysis and display of 'omics data. 

Of course, you can also find a full list of publications on our website. 

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