Publications of A. Perez-Melis

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Journal Article
Schauer, N., Semel, Y., Roessner, U., Gur, A., Balbo, I., Carrari, F., Pleban, T., Perez-Melis, A., Bruedigam, C., Kopka, J., Willmitzer, L., Zamir, D. & Fernie, A. R. Comprehensive metabolic profiling and phenotyping of interspecific introgression lines for tomato improvement. Nature Biotechnology 24, 447–454 (2006).
Journal Article
Roessner-Tunali, U., Liu, J. L., Leisse, A., Balbo, I., Perez-Melis, A., Willmitzer, L. & Fernie, A. R. Kinetics of labelling of organic and amino acids in potato tubers by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry following incubation in C-13 labelled isotopes. Plant Journal 39, 668–679 (2004).
Journal Article
Regierer, B., Fernie, A. R., Springer, F., Perez-Melis, A., Leisse, A., Koehl, K. I., Willmitzer, L., Geigenberger, P. & Kossmann, J. Starch content and yield increase as a result of altering adenylate pools in transgenic plants. Nature Biotechnology 20, 1256–1260 (2002).
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