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Journal Article
Neigenfind, J., Grimbs, S. & Nikoloski, Z. On the relation between reactions and complexes of (bio)chemical reaction networks. Journal of Theoretical Biology 317, 359–365 (2013).
Journal Article
Riano-Pachon, D. M., Nagel, A., Neigenfind, J., Wagner, R., Basekow, R., Weber, E., Mueller-Roeber, B., Diehl, S. & Kersten, B. GabiPD: the GABI primary database-a plant integrative 'omics' database. Nucleic Acids Research 37, 954–959 (2009).
Journal Article
Kersten, B., Nagel, A., Riano-Pachon, D. M., Neigenfind, J., Weber, E., Wagner, R. & Diehl, S. Die GABI-Primaerdatenbank GabiPD - Komplexe Integration von GABI-Daten aus Modell- und Nutzpflanzen. GenomXPress: Informationen aus der Deutschen Genomforschung 1, 17–19 (2008).
Journal Article
Neigenfind, J., Gyetvai, G., Basekow, R., Diehl, S., Achenbach, U., Gebhardt, C., Selbig, J. & Kersten, B. Haplotype inference from unphased SNP data in heterozygous polyploids based on SAT. BMC Genomics 9, 356 (2008).
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