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Journal Article
Heise, R., Fernie, A. R., Stitt, M. & Nikoloski, Z. Pool size measurements facilitate the determination of fluxes at branching points in non-stationary metabolic flux analysis: the case of Arabidopsis thaliana. Frontiers in Plant Science 6, (2015).
Journal Article
Heise, R., Arrivault, S., Szecowka, M., Tohge, T., Nunes-Nesi, A., Stitt, M., Nikoloski, Z. & Fernie, A. R. Flux profiling of photosynthetic carbon metabolism in intact plants. Nature Protocols 9, 1803–1824 (2014).
Journal Article
Szecowka, M., Heise, R., Tohge, T., Nunes-Nesi, A., Vosloh, D., Huege, J., Feil, R., Lunn, J., Nikoloski, Z., Stitt, M., Fernie, A. R. & Arrivault, S. Metabolic Fluxes in an Illuminated Arabidopsis Rosette. The Plant Cell 25, 694–714 (2013).
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