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Glinski, M. & Weckwerth, W. The role of mass spectrometry in plant systems biology. Mass Spectrometry Reviews 25, 173–214 (2006).
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Glinski, M. & Weckwerth, W. Differential Multisite Phosphorylation of the Trehalose-6-phosphate Synthase Gene Family in Arabidopsis thaliana: A Mass Spectrometry-based Process for Multiparallel Peptide Library Phosphorylation Analysis. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 4, 1614–1625 (2005).
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Wolschin, F., Lehmann, U., Glinski, M. & Weckwerth, W. An integrated strategy for identification and relative quantification of site-specific protein phosphorylation using liquid chromatography coupled to MS(2)/MS(3). Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 19, 3626–3632 (2005).
Journal Article
Wienkoop, S., Glinski, M., Tanaka, N., Tolstikov, V., Fiehn, O. & Weckwerth, W. Linking protein fractionation with multidimensional monolithic reversed-phase peptide chromatography/mass spectrometry enhances protein identification from complex mixtures even in the presence of abundant proteins. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 18, 643–650 (2004).
Journal Article
Wienkoop, S., Zoeller, D., Ebert, B., Simon-Rosin, U., Fisahn, J., Glinski, M. & Weckwerth, W. Cell-specific protein profiling in Arabidopsis thaliana trichomes: identification of trichome-located proteins involved in sulfur metabolism and detoxification. Phytochemistry 65, 1641–1649 (2004).
Journal Article
Glinski, M., Romeis, T., Witte, C. P., Wienkoop, S. & Weckwerth, W. Stable isotope labeling of phosphopeptides for multiparallel kinase target analysis and identification of phosphorylation sites. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 17, 1579–1584 (2003).
Journal Article
Weckwerth, W., Miyamoto, K., Iinuma, K., Krause, M., Glinski, M., Storm, T., Bonse, G., Kleinkauf, H. & Zocher, R. Biosynthesis of PF1022A and related cyclooctadepsipeptides. Journal of Biological Chemistry 275, 17909–17915 (2000).
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