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Journal Article
Bouzon, M., Döring, V., Dubois, I., Berger, A., Stoffel, G. M. M., Ramirez, L. C., Meyer, S. N., Fouré, M., Roche, D., Perret, A., Erb, T. J., Bar-Even, A. & Lindner, S. N. Change in cofactor specificity of oxidoreductases by adaptive evolution of an escherichia coli nadph-auxotrophic strain. mBio 12, (2021).
Journal Article
Ramirez, L. C., Calvo Tusell, C., Stoffel, G. M. M., Lindner, S. N., Osuna, S., Erb, T. J., Garcia-Borràs, M., Bar-Even, A. & Acevedo-Rocha, C. G. In vivo selection for formate dehydrogenases with high efficiency and specificity towards NADP+. ACS Catalysis 10, 7512–7525 (2020).
Journal Article
Lindner, S. N., Ramirez, L. C., Kruesemann, J. L., Yishai, O., Belkhelfa, S., He, H., Bouzon, M., Doring, V. & Bar-Even, A. NADPH-Auxotrophic E-coil: A Sensor Strain for Testing in Vivo Regeneration of NADPH. ACS Synthetic Biology 7, 2742–2749 (2018).
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