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Journal Article
Kim, S., Lindner, S. N., Aslan, S., Yishai, O., Wenk, S., Schann, K. & Bar-Even, A. Growth of E. coli on formate and methanol via the reductive glycine pathway. Nature Chemical Biology 16, 538–545 (2020).
Journal Article
Doring, V., Darii, E., Yishai, O., Bar-Even, A. & Bouzon, M. Implementation of a Reductive Route of One-Carbon Assimilation in Escherichia coli through Directed Evolution. ACS Synthetic Biology 7, 2029–2036 (2018).
Journal Article
Lindner, S. N., Ramirez, L. C., Kruesemann, J. L., Yishai, O., Belkhelfa, S., He, H., Bouzon, M., Doring, V. & Bar-Even, A. NADPH-Auxotrophic E-coil: A Sensor Strain for Testing in Vivo Regeneration of NADPH. ACS Synthetic Biology 7, 2742–2749 (2018).
Journal Article
Yishai, O., Bouzon, M., Doering, V. & Bar-Even, A. In Vivo Assimilation of One-Carbon via a Synthetic Reductive Glycine Pathway in Escherichia coli. ACS Synthetic Biology 7, 2023–2028 (2018).
Journal Article
Yishai, O., Goldbach, L., Tenenboim, H., Lindner, S. N. & Bar-Even, A. Engineered Assimilation of Exogenous and Endogenous Formate in Escherichia coli. ACS Synthetic Biology 6, 1722–1731 (2017).
Journal Article
Yishai, O., Lindner, S. N., Gonzalez de la Cruz, J., Tenenboim, H. & Bar-Even, A. The formate bio-economy. Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 35, 1–9 (2016).

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Wenk, S., Yishai, O., Lindner, S. N. & Bar-Even, A. in (ed. Scrutton, N.) 329–367 (Academic Press, 2018). doi:10.1016/bs.mie.2018.04.026
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