Publications of E. S. Ulbricht-Jones

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Journal Article
Tillich, M., Lehwark, P., Pellizzer, T., Ulbricht-Jones, E. S., Fischer, A., Bock, R. & Greiner, S. GeSeq - versatile and accurate annotation of organelle genomes. Nucleic Acids Research 45, W6–W11 (2017).
Journal Article
Massouh, A., Schubert, J., Yaneva-Roder, L., Ulbricht-Jones, E. S., Zupok, A., Johnson, M. T. J., Wright, S. I., Pellizer, T., Sobanski, J., Bock, R. & Greiner, S. Spontaneous Chloroplast Mutants Mostly Occur by Replication Slippage and Show a Biased Pattern in the Plastome of Oenothera. The Plant Cell 28, 911–929 (2016).
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