Publications of S. J. Cookson

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Journal Article
Cookson, S. J., Yadav, U. P., Klie, S., Morcuende, R., Usadel, B., Lunn, J. E. & Stitt, M. Temporal kinetics of the transcriptional response to carbon depletion and sucrose readdition in Arabidopsis seedlings. Plant, Cell and Environment 39, 768–786 (2016).
Journal Article
Bischoff, V., Cookson, S. J., Wu, S. & Scheible, W.-R. Thaxtomin A affects CESA-complex density, expression of cell wall genes, cell wall composition, and causes ectopic lignification in Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings. Journal of Experimental Botany 60, 955–965 (2009).
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