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Camila Caldana
Head of Cooperative Research Group
Maria Can
Lab assistant
Shengxin Chang
Guest Scientist
Kin Pan Chung
Vittoria Clapero
PhD student
Marion Clavel
Max Planck Research Group Leader
Keren Cooper
Guest Scientist
Carolina Corona
student/graduate assistant
Sandra Marcela Correa Cordoba
Guest Scientist
Tobias de Werk
PhD student
Gerardo del Toro-de León
Duarte Dionísio Figueiredo
Research Group Leader
Andreas Donath
Employee IT Service
Beau Dronsella
Guest PhD Student
Yi Duan
Guest Student
Katarzyna Dziasek
Guest Scientist
Alina Ebert
PhD student
Stefanie Ebschner
Employee Human Resources
Sinah Ehlert
Guest Student
Alexander Erban
Biotechnology Engineer
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