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    Correa Galvis, V.; Strand, D.; Messer, M.; Thiele, W.; Bethmann, S.; Hübner, D.; Uflewski, M.; Kaiser, E.; Siemiatkowska, B.; Morris, B. A. et al.; Toth, S. Z.; Watanabe, M.; Brückner, F.; Hoefgen, R.; Jahns, P.; Schöttler, M. A.; Armbruster, U.: H+ transport by K+ EXCHANGE ANTIPORTER3 promotes photosynthesis and growth in chloroplast ATP synthase mutants. Plant Physiology 182, pp. 2126 - 2142 (2020)
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    Burschel, S.; Kreuzer Decovic, D.; Nuber, F.; Stiller, M.; Hofmann, M.; Zupok, A.; Siemiatkowska, B.; Gorka, M.; Leimkühler, S.; Friedrich, T.: Iron-sulfur cluster carrier proteins involved in the assembly of Escherichia coli NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I). Molecular Microbiology 111 (1), pp. 31 - 45 (2019)
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    Gorka, M.; Swart, C.; Siemiatkowska, B.; Martínez-Jaime, S.; Skirycz, A.; Streb, S.; Graf, A.: Protein Complex Identification and quantitative complexome by CN-PAGE. Scientific Reports 9 (1), 11523 (2019)
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    Journal Article
    Riedel, S.; Siemiatkowska, B.; Watanabe, M.; Müller, C. S.; Schünemann, V.; Hoefgen, R.; Leimkühler, S.: The ABCB7-Like Transporter PexA in Rhodobacter capsulatus Is Involved in the Translocation of Reactive Sulfur Species. Frontiers in Microbiology 10, 406 (2019)
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    Zhang, Y.; Natale, R.; Domingues Júnior, A.P.; Toleco, M.R.; Siemiatkowska, B.; Fàbregas, N.; Fernie, A. R.: Rapid Identification of Protein-Protein Interactions in Plants. Current Protocols in Plant Biology 4 (4), e20099 (2019)
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    Journal Article
    Zupok, A.; Gorka, M.; Siemiatkowska, B.; Skirycz, A.; Leimkuehler, S.: Iron-Dependent Regulation of Molybdenum Cofactor Biosynthesis Genes in Escherichia coli. Journal of Bacteriology 201 (17), e00382 (2019)
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