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Strenkert, D., Schmollinger, S., Sommer, F., Schulz-Raffelt, M. & Schroda, M. Transcription Factor-Dependent Chromatin Remodeling at Heat Shock and Copper-Responsive Promoters in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Plant Cell 23, 2285–2301 (2011).
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Heide, H., Nordhues, A., Drepper, F., Nick, S., Schulz-Raffelt, M., Haehnel, W. & Schroda, M. Application of quantitative immunoprecipitation combined with knockdown and cross-linking to Chlamydomonas reveals the presence of vesicle-inducing protein in plastids 1 in a common complex with chloroplast HSP90C. Proteomics 9, 3079–3089 (2009).
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Lodha, M., Schulz-Raffelt, M. & Schroda, M. A new assay for promoter analysis in Chlamydomonas reveals roles for heat shock elements and the TATA box in HSP70A promoter-mediated activation of transgene expression. Eukaryotic Cell 7, 172–176 (2008).
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Willmund, F., Dorn, K. V., Schulz-Raffelt, M. & Schroda, M. The Chloroplast DnaJ Homolog CDJ1 of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Is Part of a Multichaperone Complex Containing HSP70B, CGE1, and HSP90C. Plant Physiology 148, 2070–2082 (2008).
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Willmund, F., Hinnenberger, M., Nick, S., Schulz-Raffelt, M., Muehlhaus, T. & Schroda, M. Assistance for a chaperone - Chlamydomonas HEP2 activates plastidic HSP70B for cochaperone binding. Journal of Biological Chemistry 283, 16363–16373 (2008).
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Schulz-Raffelt, M., Lodha, M. & Schroda, M. Heat shock factor 1 is a key regulator of the stress response in Chlamydomonas. Plant Journal 52, 286–295 (2007).
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