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Apelt, F., Mavrothalassiti, E., Gupta, S., Machin, F., Olas, J. J., Annunziata, M. G., Schindelasch, D. & Kragler, F. Shoot and root single cell sequencing reveals tissue- and daytime-specific transcriptome profiles. Plant Physiology 188, 861–878 (2022).
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Bischoff, V., Nita, S., Neumetzler, L., Schindelasch, D., Urbain, A., Eshed, R., Persson, S., Delmer, D. & Scheible, W.-R. TRICHOME BIREFRINGENCE and Its Homolog AT5G01360 Encode Plant-Specific DUF231 Proteins Required for Cellulose Biosynthesis in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology 153, 590–602 (2010).
Journal Article
Wu, S., Scheible, W.-R., Schindelasch, D., van Den Daele, H., de Veylder, L. & Baskin, T. I. A conditional mutation in Arabidopsis thaliana separase induces chromosome non-disjunction, aberrant morphogenesis and cyclin B1;1 stability. Development 137, 953–961 (2010).
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Scheible, W.-R., Morcuende, R., Czechowski, T., Fritz, C., Osuna, D., Palacios-Rojas, N., Schindelasch, D., Thimm, O., Udvardi, M. K. & Stitt, M. Genome-wide reprogramming of primary and secondary metabolism, protein synthesis, cellular growth processes, and the regulatory infrastructure of Arabidopsis in response to nitrogen. Plant Physiology 136, 2483–2499 (2004).
Journal Article
Scheible, W.-R., Fry, B., Kochevenko, A., Schindelasch, D., Zimmerli, L., Somerville, S., Loria, R. & Somerville, C. R. An Arabidopsis mutant resistant to thaxtomin A, a cellulose synthesis inhibitor from Streptomyces species. Plant Cell 15, 1781–1794 (2003).
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