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Bromke, M. A., Sabir, J. S., Alfassi, F. A., Hajarah, N. H., Kabli, S. A., Al-Malki, A. L., Ashworth, M. P., Meret, M., Jansen, R. K. & Willmitzer, L. Metabolomic Profiling of 13 Diatom Cultures and Their Adaptation to Nitrate-Limited Growth Conditions. PLoS One 10, (2015).
Journal Article
Schulz, P., Jansseune, K., Degenkolbe, T., Meret, M., Claeys, H., Skirycz, A., Teige, M., Willmitzer, L. & Hannah, M. A. Poly(ADP-Ribose)Polymerase Activity Controls Plant Growth by Promoting Leaf Cell Number. PLoS One 9, (2014).
Journal Article
Meret, M., Kopetzki, D., Degenkolbe, T., Kleessen, S., Nikoloski, Z., Tellstroem, V., Barsch, A., Kopka, J., Antonietti, M. & Willmitzer, L. From systems biology to systems chemistry: metabolomic procedures enable insight into complex chemical reaction networks in water. RSC Advances 4, 16777–16781 (2014).
Journal Article
Riedelsheimer, C., Brotman, Y., Meret, M., Melchinger, A. E. & Willmitzer, L. The maize leaf lipidome shows multilevel genetic control and high predictive value for agronomic traits. Scientific Reports 3, (2013).
Journal Article
Brotman, Y., Lisec, J., Meret, M., Chet, I., Willmitzer, L. & Viterbo, A. Transcript and metabolite analysis of the Trichoderma-induced systemic resistance response to Pseudomonas syringae in Arabidopsis thaliana. Microbiology 158, 139–146 (2012).
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