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Journal Article
Ehrnthaler, M., Scharff, L. B., Fleischmann, T. T., Hasse, C., Ruf, S. & Bock, R. Synthetic Lethality in the Tobacco Plastid Ribosome and Its Rescue at Elevated Growth Temperatures. The Plant Cell 26, 765–776 (2014).
Journal Article
Alkatib, S., Scharff, L. B., Rogalski, M., Fleischmann, T. T., Matthes, A., Seeger, S., Schöttler, M. A., Ruf, S. & Bock, R. The Contributions of Wobbling and Superwobbling to the Reading of the Genetic Code. PLoS Genetics 8, (2012).
Journal Article
Alkatib, S., Fleischmann, T. T., Scharff, L. B. & Bock, R. Evolutionary constraints on the plastid tRNA set decoding methionine and isoleucine. Nucleic Acids Research 40, 6713–6724 (2012).
Journal Article
Fleischmann, T. T., Scharff, L. B., Alkatib, S., Hasdorf, S., Schöttler, M. A. & Bock, R. Nonessential plastid-encoded ribosomal proteins in tobacco: a developmental role for plastid translation and implications for reductive genome evolution. The Plant Cell 23, 3137–3155 (2011).
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