Publications of A.-G. Desbrosses-Fonrouge

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Journal Article
Desbrosses-Fonrouge, A.-G., Voigt, K., Schroeder, A., Arrivault, S., Thomine, S. & Kraemer, U. Arabidopsis thaliana MTP1 is a Zn transporter in the vacuolar membrane which mediates Zn detoxification and drives leaf Zn accumulation. FEBS Letters 579, 4165–4174 (2005).
Journal Article
Drager, D. B., Desbrosses-Fonrouge, A.-G., Krach, C., Chardonnens, A. N., Meyer, R. C., Saumitou-Laprade, P. & Kraemer, U. Two genes encoding Arabidopsis halleri MTP1 metal transport proteins co-segregate with zinc tolerance and account for high MTP1 transcript levels. Plant Journal 39, 425–439 (2004).
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