Publications of S. Brandt

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Journal Article
Brandt, S., Walz, C., Schad, M., Pavlovic, N. & Kehr, J. A simple, chisel-assisted mechanical microdissection system for harvesting homogenous plant tissue suitable for the analysis of nucleic acids and proteins. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 21, 417–427 (2003).
Journal Article
Brandt, S., Kloska, S., Altmann, T. & Kehr, J. Using array hybridization to monitor gene expression at the single cell level. Journal of Experimental Botany 53, 2315–2323 (2002).
Journal Article
Arlt, K., Brandt, S. & Kehr, J. Amino acid analysis in five pooled single plant cell samples using capillary electrophoresis coupled to laser-induced fluorescence detection. Journal of Chromatography A 926, 319–325 (2001).
Journal Article
Brandt, S., Kehr, J., Walz, C., Imlau, A., Willmitzer, L. & Fisahn, J. A rapid method for detection of plant gene transcripts from single epidermal, mesophyll and companion cells of intact leaves. Plant Journal 20, 245–250 (1999).
Journal Article
Brandt, S. & Fisahn, J. Identification of a K+ channel from potato leaves by functional expression in Xenopus oocytes. Plant and Cell Physiology 39, 600–606 (1998).
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