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Nowak, J., Eng, R. C., Matz, T., Waack, M., Persson, S., Sampathkumar, A. & Nikoloski, Z. A network-based framework for shape analysis enables accurate characterization of leaf epidermal cells. Nature Communications 12, (2021).
Journal Article
Nowak, J., Gennermann, K., Persson, S. & Nikoloski, Z. CytoSeg 2.0: automated extraction of actin filaments. Bioinformatics 36, 2950–2951 (2020).
Journal Article
Song, Y., Li, G., Nowak, J., Zhang, X., Xu, D., Yang, X., Huang, G., Liang, W., Yang, L., Wang, C., Bulone, V., Nikoloski, Z., Hu, J., Persson, S. & Zhang, D. The Rice Actin-Binding Protein RMD Regulates Light-Dependent Shoot Gravitropism. Plant Physiology 181, 630–644 (2019).
Journal Article
Yu, Y., Wu, S., Nowak, J., Wang, G., Han, L., Feng, Z., Mendrinna, A., Ma, Y., Wang, H., Zhang, X., Tian, J., Dong, L., Nikoloski, Z., Persson, S. & Kong, Z. Live-cell imaging of the cytoskeleton in elongating cotton fibres. Nature Plants 5, 498–504 (2019).
Journal Article
Breuer, D., Nowak, J., Ivako, A., Somssich, M., Persson, S. & Nikoloski, Z. System-wide organization of actin cytoskeleton determines organelle transport in hypocotyl plant cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 114, E5741–E5749 (2017).
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