Publications of M. A. Hood

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Journal Article
Sviben, S., Gal, A., Hood, M. A., Bertinetti, L., Politi, Y., Bennet, M., Krishnamoorthy, P., Schertel, A., Wirth, R., Sorrentino, A., Pereiro, E., Faivre, D. & Scheffel, A. A vacuole-like compartment concentrates a disordered calcium phase in a key coccolithophorid alga. Nature Communications 7, (2016).
Journal Article
Hood, M. A., Leemreize, H., Scheffel, A. & Faivrea, D. Lattice distortions in coccolith calcite crystals originate from occlusion of biomacromolecules. Journal of Structural Biology 162, 147–154 (2016).
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