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Journal Article
Kesten, C., Wallmann, A., Schneider, R., McFarlane, H. E., Diehl, A., Khan, G. A., van Rossum, B.-J., Lampugnani, E. R., Szymanski, W. G., Cremer, N., Schmieder, P., Ford, K. L., Seiter, F., Heazlewood, J. L., Sanchez-Rodriguez, C., Oschkinat, H. & Persson, S. The companion of cellulose synthase 1 confers salt tolerance through a Tau-like mechanism in plants. Nature Communications 10, (2019).
Journal Article
Sanchez-Rodriguez, C., Shi, Y., Kesten, C., Zhang, D., Sancho-Andres, G., Ivakov, A., Lampugnani, E. R., Sklodowski, K., Fujimoto, M., Nakano, A., Bacic, A., Wallace, I. S., Ueda, T., Van Damme, D., Zhou, Y. & Persson, S. The Cellulose Synthases Are Cargo of the TPLATE Adaptor Complex. Molecular Plant 11, 346–349 (2018).
Journal Article
Endler, A., Kesten, C., Schneider, R., Zhang, Y., Ivakov, A., Fröhlich, A., Funke, N. & Persson, S. A Mechanism for Sustained Cellulose Synthesis during Salt Stress. Cell 162, 1353–1364 (2015).
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