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Hehlert, P., Hofferek, V., Heier, C., Eichmann, T. O., Riedel, D., Rosenberg, J., Takacs, A., Nagy, H. M., Oberer, M., Zimmermann, R. & Kuehnlein, R. P. The alpha/beta-hydrolase domain-containing 4-and 5-related phospholipase Pummelig controls energy storage in Drosophila[S]. Journal of Lipid Research 60, 1365–1378 (2019).
Journal Article
Li, M., Keenan, C. R., Lopez-Campos, G., Mangum, J. E., Chen, Q., Prodanovic, D., Xia, Y. C., Langenbach, S. Y., Harris, T., Hofferek, V., Reid, G. E. & Stewart, A. G. A Non-canonical Pathway with Potential for Safer Modulation of Transforming Growth Factor-beta 1 in Steroid-Resistant Airway Diseases. iScience 12, 232–246 (2019).
Journal Article
Hofferek, V., Mendrinna, A., Gaude, N., Krajinski, F. & Devers, E. A. MiR171h restricts root symbioses and shows like its target NSP2 a complex transcriptional regulation in Medicago truncatula. BMC Plant Biology 14, (2014).
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