Publications of J. Gremmels

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Journal Article
Hochrein, L., Machens, F., Gremmels, J., Schulz, K., Messerschmidt, K. & Mueller-Roeber, B. AssemblX: a user-friendly toolkit for rapid and reliable multi-gene assemblies. Nucleic Acids Research 45, (2017).
Journal Article
Scharff, L. B., Ehrnthaler, M., Janowski, M., Childs, L. H., Hasse, C., Gremmels, J., Ruf, S., Zoschke, R. & Bock, R. Shine-Dalgarno Sequences Play an Essential Role in the Translation of Plastid mRNAs in Tobacco. Plant Cell 29, 3085–3101 (2017).
Journal Article
Koehl, K. I. & Gremmels, J. A software tool for the input and management of phenotypic data using personal digital assistants and other mobile devices. Plant methods 11, (2015).
Journal Article
Koehl, K. I. & Gremmels, J. Documentation system for plant transformation service and research. Plant Methods 6, 4 (2010).
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