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Geigenberger, P.; Stitt, M.: A Futile Cycle of Sucrose Synthesis and Degradation Is Involved in Regulating Partitioning between Sucrose, Starch and Respiration in Cotyledons of Germinating Ricinus-Communis L Seedlings When Phloem Transport Is Inhibited. Planta 185 (1), S. 81 - 90 (1991)
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Hatzfeld, W. D.; Stitt, M.: Regulation of Glycolysis in Heterotrophic Cell-Suspension Cultures of Chenopodium-Rubrum in Response to Proton Fluxes at the Plasmalemma. Physiologia Plantarum 81 (1), S. 103 - 110 (1991)
Kikuchi, S.; Liu, X. J.; Frommer, W. B.; Koester-Toepfer, M.; Willmitzer, L.: Identification and Structural Characterization of Further DNA Elements in the Potato and Pepper Genomes Homologous to the Transposable Element-Like Insertion Tst1. Molecular & General Genetics 230 (3), S. 494 - 498 (1991)
Kossmann, J.; Visser, R. G. F.; Mueller-Roeber, B.; Willmitzer, L.; Sonnewald, U.: Cloning and Expression Analysis of a Potato Cdna That Encodes Branching Enzyme - Evidence for Coexpression of Starch Biosynthetic Genes. Molecular & General Genetics 230 (1-2), S. 39 - 44 (1991)
Krapp, A.; Quick, W. P.; Stitt, M.: Ribulose-1,5-Bisphosphate Carboxylase-Oxygenase, Other Calvin-Cycle Enzymes, and Chlorophyll Decrease When Glucose Is Supplied to Mature Spinach Leaves Via the Transpiration Stream. Planta 186 (1), S. 58 - 69 (1991)
Liu, X. Y.; Rocha-Sosa, M.; Hummel, S.; Willmitzer, L.; Frommer, W. B.: A Detailed Study of the Regulation and Evolution of the 2 Classes of Patatin Genes in Solanum-Tuberosum L. Plant Molecular Biology 17 (6), S. 1139 - 1154 (1991)
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Quick, W. P.; Schurr, U.; Fichtner, K.; Schulze, E.-D.; Rodermel, S. R.; Bogorad, L.; Stitt, M.: The impact of decreased Rubisco on photosynthesis, growth, allocation and storage in tobacco plants which have been transformed with "antisense" rbcS. Plant Journal 1 (1), S. 51 - 58 (1991)
Quick, W. P.; Schurr, U.; Scheibe, R.; Schulze, E.-D.; Rodermel, S. R.; Bogorad, L.; Stitt, M.: Decreased Ribulose-1,5-Bisphosphate Carboxylase-Oxygenase in Transgenic Tobacco Transformed with Antisense Rbcs .1. Impact on Photosynthesis in Ambient Growth-Conditions. Planta 183 (4), S. 542 - 554 (1991)
Schulze, W.; Stitt, M.; Schulze, E.-D.; Neuhaus, H. E.; Fichtner, K.: A Quantification of the Significance of Assimilatory Starch for Growth of Arabidopsis-Thaliana L Heynh. Plant Physiology 95 (3), S. 890 - 895 (1991)
Sonnewald, U.; Brauer, M.; von Schaewen, A.; Stitt, M.; Willmitzer, L.: Transgenic Tobacco Plants Expressing Yeast-Derived Invertase in Either the Cytosol, Vacuole or Apoplast - a Powerful Tool for Studying Sucrose Metabolism and Sink Source Interactions. Plant Journal 1 (1), S. 95 - 106 (1991)
Stitt, M.; Quick, W. P.; Schurr, U.; Schulze, E.-D.; Rodermel, S. R.; Bogorad, L.: Decreased Ribulose-1,5-Bisphosphate Carboxylase-Oxygenase in Transgenic Tobacco Transformed with Antisense Rbcs. 2. Flux-Control Coefficients for Photosynthesis in Varying Light, Co2, and Air Humidity. Planta 183 (4), S. 555 - 566 (1991)
Stitt, M.; von Schaewen, A.; Willmitzer, L.: Sink Regulation of Photosynthetic Metabolism in Transgenic Tobacco Plants Expressing Yeast Invertase in Their Cell-Wall Involves a Decrease of the Calvin-Cycle Enzymes and an Increase of Glycolytic-Enzymes. Planta 183 (1), S. 40 - 50 (1991)
Vassey, T. L.; Quick, W. P.; Sharkey, T. D.; Stitt, M.: Water-Stress, Carbon-Dioxide, and Light Effects on Sucrose-Phosphate Synthase Activity in Phaseolus-Vulgaris. Physiologia Plantarum 81 (1), S. 37 - 44 (1991)
Zrenner, R.; Stitt, M.: Comparison of the Effect of Rapidly and Gradually Developing Water-Stress on Carbohydrate-Metabolism in Spinach Leaves. Plant Cell and Environment 14 (9), S. 939 - 946 (1991)

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Frommer, W. B.; Borgmann, K.; Hesse, H.; Hildmann, T.; Hoefgen, R.; Hummel, S.; Koester-Toepfer, M.; Liu, X.Y.; Martin, T.; Peña-Cortes, H. et al.; Prat, S.; Rocha-Sosa, M.; Sanchez-Serrano, J.J.; Schmidt, R.; Sonnewald, U.; Stratmann, M.; Willmitzer, L.: Patatin, a bifunctional protein involved in pathogen defense and and nitrogen storage? In: Commision of the European Community, Biological Sciences, S. 49 - 56 (Hg. Leonard, A.; Durieux, L.) (1991)
Stitt, M.; Brauer, M.; Quick, W. P.; Neuhaus, H. E.; Fichtner, K.; Schulze, E.-D.; Guenther, L.; Heineke, D.; Heldt, H. E.; Sonnewald, U. et al.; von Schaewen, A.; Willmitzer, L.: Regulation of metabolism: biochemical and genetic studies. In: In Recent Advances in Phloem Transport and Assimilate Compartmentation, S. 10 - 19 (Hg. Bonnemain, J. L.; Delrot, S.; Lucas, W. T.; Dainty, J.). Quest Editions, Nantes, FRA (1991)
Willmitzer, L.; Basner, A.; Borgmann, K.; Frommer, W. B.; Hesse, H.; Hummel, S.; Kossmann, J.; Martin, T.; Mueller, B.; Rocha-Sosa, M. et al.; von Schaeven, A.; Stitt, M.; Sonnewald, U.: Molecular Approaches to Understand Sink-Source Relations in Higher-Plants. In: Plant Molecular Biology 2, Bd. 212, S. 461 - 469 (1991)

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Meeting Abstract
Heineke, D.; Guenter, G.; Sonnewald, U.; Willmitzer, L.; Heldt, H.-W.: Metabolic Responses of Potato Leaves to an Expression of Yeast Invertase in the Apoplast. In Biological Chemistry Hoppe-Seyler, 372 (9), S. 674 - 674. (1991)
Meeting Abstract
Hess, W. R.; Mueller, A.; Boerner, T.; Willmitzer, L.: Pattern of Messenger-Rna Accumulation in Plastid Ribosome-Deficient Plants. In Biological Chemistry Hoppe-Seyler, 372 (9), S. 676 - 676. (1991)
Meeting Abstract
Kopka, J.; Robers, M.; Spener, F.: Purification and Characterization of 2 Acyl Carrier Proteins from Cuphea-Lanceolata Seeds. In Biological Chemistry Hoppe-Seyler, 372 (8), S. 534 - 535. (1991)
Meeting Abstract
Sonnewald, U.; Kossman, J.; Mueller-Roeber, B.; Willmitzer, L.: Molecular Approaches to Influence Sink-Source Interactions in Transgenic Plants. In Biological Chemistry Hoppe-Seyler, 372 (9), S. 757 - 757. (1991)

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Review Article
Stitt, M.: Rising Co2 Levels and Their Potential Significance for Carbon Flow in Photosynthetic Cells. (1991)
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