Publications of F. Kragler

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Journal Article
Yang, L.; Zhou, Y.; Wang, S.; Xu, Y.; Ostendorp, S.; Tomkins, M.; Kehr, J.; Morris, R. J.; Kragler, F.: Non-cell-autonomous HSC70.1 chaperone displays homeostatic feed-back regulation by binding its own mRNA. New Phytologist 237 (6), pp. 2404 - 2421 (2023)
Journal Article
Yang, L.; Machin, F.; Wang, S.; Saplaoura, E.; Kragler, F.: Heritable transgene-free genome editing in plants by grafting of wild-type shoots to transgenic donor rootstocks. Nature Biotechnology (2023)
Journal Article
Olas, J. J.; Apelt, F.; Annunziata, M. G.; John, S.; Richard, S. I.; Gupta, S.; Kragler, F.; Balazadeh, S.; Mueller-Roeber, B.: Primary carbohydrate metabolism genes participate in heat stress memory at the shoot apical meristem of Arabidopsis thaliana. Molecular Plant 14, pp. 1508 - 1524 (2021)
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