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Conference Paper (16)

Conference Paper
Willmitzer, L.; Basner, A.; Frommer, W.-B.; Hoefgen, R.; Köster, M.; Liu, X.-J.; Mielchen, C.; Prat, S.; Recknagel, C.; Rocha-Sosa, M. et al.; Sonnewald, U.; Stratmann, M.; Vancanneyt, G.: Expression of Foreign Genes in Potato: Promoters, RNA-Stability and Protein Accumulation. Vorträge für Pflanzenzüchtung 16, pp. 423 - 439 (1989)

Meeting Abstract (36)

Meeting Abstract
Goehring, I.; Sauter, N. S.; Catchpole, G.; Assmann, A.; Shu, L.; Zien, K. S.; Moehlig, M.; Pfeiffer, A. F.; Oberholzer, J.; Willmitzer, L. et al.; Spranger, J.; Maedler, K.: Identification of an intracellular metabolic signature impairing beta cell function in the rat beta cell line INS-1E and human islets. In Diabetologia, 53 (10), pp. 2584 - 2594. (2011)
Meeting Abstract
Kempkensteffen, C.; Catchpole, G.; Platzer, A.; Selbig, J.; Willmitzer, L.; Hinz, S.; Christoph, F.; Miller, K.; Weikert, S.: Metabolic Profiling of Non-Metastatic as Compared to Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinomas. In Journal of Urology, 181 (4), p. 39 - 39. (2009)
Meeting Abstract
Meyer, R. C.; Lisec, J.; Sulpice, R.; Steinfath, M.; Gaertner, T.; Becher, M.; Witucka-Wall, H.; von Korff, M.; Gunther, T.; Childs, L. et al.; Scharr, H.; Walter, A.; Torjek, O.; Fiehn, O.; Schurr, U.; Schmid, K.; Walther, D.; Gibon, Y.; Selbig, J.; Stitt, M.; Willmitzer, L.; Altmann, T.: Analysis of Arabidopsis natural variation in biomass accumulation and metabolism. In New Biotechnology, 25, p. S307 - S307. (2009)
Meeting Abstract
Pivovarova, O.; Willmitzer, L.; Pfeiffer, A. F. H.; Nikiforova, V. J.; Rudovich, N.: Regulation of plasma metabolome and subcutaneous adipose transcriptome by insulin in the clamp study. In Diabetologia, 52, p. S207 - S207. (2009)
Meeting Abstract
Willmitzer, L.; Degenkolbe, T.; Caldana, C.; Hannah, M.: Systems response to environmental conditions as studied by metabolome analysis. In New Biotechnology, 25, p. S317 - S317. (2009)
Meeting Abstract
Willmitzer, L.: Small molecules, genes and complex traits. In FEBS Journal, 274, p. 64 - 64. (2007)
Meeting Abstract
Nikiforova, V. J.; Gakiere, B.; Kempa, S.; Adamik, M.; Willmitzer, L.; Hesse, H.; Hoefgen, R.: Towards dissecting nutrient metabolism in plants: a systems biology case study on sulphur metabolism. In JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY, 55 (404), pp. 1799 - 1808. Annual Meeting of the Society-for-Experimental-Biology, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND. (2004)
Meeting Abstract
Urbanczyk-Wochniak, E.; Willmitzer, L.; Fernie, A. R.: mRNA Analysis of Plant Metabolic Regulation: Comparison of Transcript and Metabolic Complements of Developing Plant Tissues. In Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, 26 (3), p. 55 - 55. (2004)
Meeting Abstract
Hoffmann-Benning, S.; Wegener, C.; Willmitzer, L.; Fisahn, J.: The role of the cell wall for growth and development in transgenic plants overexpressing pectin methylesterase and pectate lyase. In Plant Physiology, 114 (3), p. 100 - 100. (1997)
Meeting Abstract
Muschak, M.; Pachepsky, L. B.; Willmitzer, L.; Fisahn, J.: The influence of stomatal density on leaf gas exchange. In Plant Physiology, 114 (3), p. 218 - 218. (1997)
Meeting Abstract
Willmitzer, L.: Transgenic plants altered in carbohydrate metabolism: Biochemical and molecular analysis. In Faseb Journal, 11 (9), p. A868 - A868. (1997)
Meeting Abstract
Duwenig, E.; Steup, M.; Willmitzer, L.; Kossmann, J.: Role of starch phosphorylase in potato: The functional analysis of an enigmatic enzyme. In Plant Physiology, 111 (2), p. 92 - 92. (1996)
Meeting Abstract
Hoffmann-Benning, S.; Wegener, C.; Willmitzer, L.; Fisahn, J.: Use of transgenic plants to analyse the role of pectin components during growth. In Plant Physiology, 111 (2), p. 136 - 136. (1996)
Meeting Abstract
Muschak, M.; Willmitzer, L.; Fisahn, J.: cp-FBPase antisense potatoes exhibited reduced levels in ABA. In Plant Physiology, 111 (2), p. 24 - 24. (1996)
Meeting Abstract
Trethewey, R.; Geigenberger, P.; Hajirezaei, M.-R.; Riesmeier, J. W.; Sonnewald, U.; Stitt, M.; Willmitzer, L.: Glucokinase activity in potato tubers: A key step for the regulation of metabolism. In Plant Physiology, 111 (2), p. 798 - 798. (1996)
Meeting Abstract
Hoffmann-Benning, S.; Ehwald, R.; Willmitzer, L.; Fisahn, J.: Use of Transgenic Plants to Analyze the Role of Specific Cell-Wall Components during Growth. In Plant Physiology, 108 (2), p. 122 - 122. (1995)
Meeting Abstract
Muschak, M.; Hoffmann-Benning, S.; Fuss, H.; Kossmann, J.; Willmitzer, L.; Fisahn, J.: Gas-Exchange and Ultrastructural Analysis of Transgenic Potato Plants Expressing a Messenger-Rna Antisense Construct Targeted to the Cp-Fbpase. In Plant Physiology, 108 (2), p. 34 - 34. (1995)
Meeting Abstract
Tauberger, E.; Hoffmann-Benning, S.; Fisahn, J.; Willmitzer, L.: Use of Transgenic Potato Plants to Analyze Physiological and Structural-Changes during Tuber Development. In Plant Physiology, 108 (2), p. 31 - 31. (1995)
Meeting Abstract
Kossmann, J.; Abel, G.; Buettcher, V.; Lorberth, R.; Virgin, I.; Willmitzer, L.: Modification of Starch Metabolism in Transgenic Potato Plants. In Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 56 (Suppl. 18A), p. 120 - 120. (1994)
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