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Journal Article
Veyel, D.; Kierszniowska, S.; Kosmacz, M.; Sokolowska, E.; Michaelis, A.; Luzarowski, M.; Szlachetko, J.; Willmitzer, L.; Skirycz, A.: System-wide detection of protein-small molecule complexes suggests extensive metabolite regulation in plants. Scientific Reports 7, 42387 (2017)
Journal Article
Perlikowski, D.; Kierszniowska, S.; Sawikowska, A.; Krajewski, P.; Rapacz, M.; Eckhardt, Ä.; Kosmala, A.: Remodeling of Leaf Cellular Glycerolipid Composition under Drought and Re-hydration Conditions in Grasses from the Lolium-Festuca Complex. Frontiers in Plant Science 7, 1027 (2016)
Journal Article
Demir, F.; Horntrich, C.; Blachutzik, J. O.; Scherzer, S.; Reinders, Y.; Kierszniowska, S.; Schulze, W. X.; Harms, G. S.; Hedrich, R.; Geiger, D. et al.; Kreuzer, I.: Arabidopsis nanodomain-delimited ABA signaling pathway regulates the anion channel SLAH3. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110 (20), pp. 8296 - 8301 (2013)
Journal Article
Szymanski, W. G.; Kierszniowska, S.; Schulze, W. X.: Metabolic Labeling and Membrane Fractionation for Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana Suspension Cell Cultures. Journal of visualized experiments: JoVE (79) (2013)
Journal Article
Szymanski, W. G.; Kierszniowska, S.; Schulze, W. X.: Metabolic labeling and membrane fractionation for comparative proteomic analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana suspension cell cultures. Journal of visualized experiments: JoVE (79), e50535 (2013)
Journal Article
Keinath, N. F.; Kierszniowska, S.; Lorek, J.; Bourdais, G.; Kessler, S. A.; Shimosato-Asano, H.; Grossniklaus, U.; Schulze, W. X.; Robatzek, S.; Panstruga, R.: PAMP (pathogen-associated molecular pattern)-induced changes in plasma membrane compartmentalization reveal novel components of plant immunity. Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (50), pp. 39140 - 39149 (2010)
Journal Article
Kierszniowska, S.; Seiwert, B.; Schulze, W. X.: Definition of Arabidopsis Sterol-rich Membrane Microdomains by Differential Treatment with Methyl-beta-cyclodextrin and Quantitative Proteomics. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 8 (4), pp. 612 - 623 (2009)
Journal Article
Kierszniowska, S.; Walther, D.; Schulze, W. X.: Ratio-dependent significance thresholds in reciprocal N-15-labeling experiments as a robust tool in detection of candidate proteins responding to biological treatment. Proteomics 9 (7), pp. 1916 - 1924 (2009)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Schulze, W. X.; Kierszniowska, S.: „Lipid Rafts“ – Spezielle Bereiche der Plasmamembran. In: Jahrbuch der Max-Planck Gesellschaft (Ed. Plehn, G.). Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaft e.V., München, GER (2009)

Review Article (1)

Review Article
Arsova, B.; Kierszniowska, S.; Schulze, W. X.: The use of heavy nitrogen in quantitative proteomics experiments in plants. (2012)
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