Publications of E. Kaiser

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Journal Article
Correa Galvis, V.; Strand, D.; Messer, M.; Thiele, W.; Bethmann, S.; Hübner, D.; Uflewski, M.; Kaiser, E.; Siemiatkowska, B.; Morris, B. A. et al.; Toth, S. Z.; Watanabe, M.; Brückner, F.; Hoefgen, R.; Jahns, P.; Schöttler, M. A.; Armbruster, U.: H+ transport by K+ EXCHANGE ANTIPORTER3 promotes photosynthesis and growth in chloroplast ATP synthase mutants. Plant Physiology 182, pp. 2126 - 2142 (2020)
Journal Article
Kaiser, E.; Walther, D.; Armbruster, U.: Growth under fluctuating light reveals large trait variation in a panel of arabidopsis accessions. Plants 9 (3), 319 (2020)
Journal Article
Kaiser, E.; Correa Galvis, V.; Armbruster, U.: Efficient photosynthesis in dynamic light environments: a chloroplast's perspective. Biochemical Journal 476, pp. 2725 - 2741 (2019)
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