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Editorial (3)

Trethewey, R. N.; Krotzky, A. J.; Willmitzer, L.: Metabolic profiling: a Rosetta Stone for genomics? Current Opinion in Plant Biology 2 (2), pp. 83 - 85 (1999)
Willmitzer, L.: Plant biotechnology: output traits - the second generation of plant biotechnology products is gaining momentum - Overview. Current Opinion in Biotechnology 10 (2), pp. 161 - 162 (1999)

Review Article (9)

Review Article
Kueger, S.; Steinhauser, D.; Willmitzer, L.; Giavalisco, P.: High-resolution plant metabolomics: from mass spectral features to metabolites and from whole-cell analysis to subcellular metabolite distributions. (2012)
Review Article
Fernie, A. R.; Trethewey, R. N.; Krotzky, A. J.; Willmitzer, L.: Innovation - Metabolite profiling: from diagnostics to systems biology. (2004)
Review Article
Fernie, A. R.; Willmitzer, L.; Trethewey, R. N.: Sucrose to starch: a transition in molecular plant physiology. (2002)
Review Article
Roessner, U.; Willmitzer, L.; Fernie, A. R.: Metabolic profiling and biochemical phenotyping of plant systems. (2002)
Review Article
Hesse, H.; Kreft, O.; Maimann, S.; Zeh, M.; Willmitzer, L.; Hoefgen, R.: Approaches towards understanding methionine biosynthesis in higher plants. (2001)
Review Article
Hoefgen, R.; Kreft, O.; Willmitzer, L.; Hesse, H.: Manipulation of thiol contents in plants. (2001)
Review Article
PRAT, S.; FROMMER, W.; Hoefgen, R.; KEIL, M.; Kossmann, J.; KOSTERTOPFER, M.; LIU, X.; MULLER, B.; PENACORTES, H.; ROCHASOSA, M. et al.; SANCHEZSERRANO, J.; SONNEWALD, U.; Willmitzer, L.; KOSSMANN, J.: Gene expression during tuber development in potato plants. (1990)
Review Article
Hoefgen, R.; Willmitzer, L.: Storage of Competent Cells for Agrobacterium Transformation. (1988)
Review Article
Willmitzer, L.: The Use of Transgenic Plants to Study Plant Gene-Expression. (1988)
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