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Book Chapter
Stitt, M.; Krapp, A.; Klein, D.; Roeper-Schwarz, U.; Paul, M.: Do carbohydrates regulate photosynthesis and allocation by altering gene expression. In: Carbon Partitioning and Source-Sink Interactions in Plants, pp. 68 - 77 (Eds. Madore, M. A.; Lucas, W. J.). American Society of Plant Physiologists, Rockville, MD, USA (1995)
Book Chapter
Stitt, M.: Flux control at the level of the pathway: studies with mutants and transgenic plants having a decreased activity of enzymes involved in photosynthesis partitioning. In: Final Report of the SFB, Vol. 137, pp. 13 - 36 (Ed. Schulze, E. D.). Academic Press, San Diego, CA, USA (1994)
Book Chapter
Stitt, M.; Schulze, E.-D.: Plant growth, storage and resource allocation - from flux control in a metabolic chain to the whole plant. In: Final Report of the SFB, Vol. 137, pp. 57 - 118 (Ed. Schulze, E. D.). Academic Press, San Diego, CA, USA (1994)
Book Chapter
Stitt, M.; Brauer, M.; Quick, W. P.; Neuhaus, H. E.; Fichtner, K.; Schulze, E.-D.; Guenther, L.; Heineke, D.; Heldt, H. E.; Sonnewald, U. et al.; von Schaewen, A.; Willmitzer, L.: Regulation of metabolism: biochemical and genetic studies. In: In Recent Advances in Phloem Transport and Assimilate Compartmentation, pp. 10 - 19 (Eds. Bonnemain, J. L.; Delrot, S.; Lucas, W. T.; Dainty, J.). Quest Editions, Nantes, FRA (1991)
Book Chapter
Willmitzer, L.; Basner, A.; Borgmann, K.; Frommer, W. B.; Hesse, H.; Hummel, S.; Kossmann, J.; Martin, T.; Mueller, B.; Rocha-Sosa, M. et al.; von Schaeven, A.; Stitt, M.; Sonnewald, U.: Molecular Approaches to Understand Sink-Source Relations in Higher-Plants. In: Plant Molecular Biology 2, Vol. 212, pp. 461 - 469 (1991)
Book Chapter
Stitt, M.: Fructose 2,6-bisphosphate. In: Methods in Plant Biochemistry, Vol. 7 (Ed. Lee, L.). Academic Press, London, UK (1990)
Book Chapter
Stitt, M.: The flux of carbon between the chloroplast and the cytoplasm. In: Advanced Plant Physiology: Interaction and Control of Metabolism, pp. 319 - 340 (Eds. Dennis, D. T.; Turpin, D. H.). Pitman Publ. (1990)
Book Chapter
Stitt, M.: Application of control analysis to sucrose synthesis. In: Control of Metabolic Pathways, pp. 363 - 376 (Ed. Cornish, A.). Academic Press, London, UK (1990)
Book Chapter
Stitt, M.: Control of sucrose synthesis. Estimation of free energy charges, investigation of the contribution of equilibrium and non-equilibrium reactions and estimation of elasticities and flux control coefficients. In: Techniques and new developments in photosynthetic research, pp. 356 - 392 (Ed. Barber, J.). Plenum Press, London, UK (1989)
Book Chapter
Ebbighausen, H.; Hatch, M. D.; Lilley, R. M.; Kroemer, S.; Stitt, M.; Heldt, H.-W.: On the function of malate-oxaloacetate shuttles in a plant cell. In: Plant Mitochondria: Structural, Functional and Physiological Aspects, pp. 171 - 180 (Eds. Moore, A. L.; Beechey, R. B.). Plenum Press, New York, NY, USA (1987)
Book Chapter
Heldt, H.-W.; Stitt, M.: Regulation of sucrose synthesis in leaves. In: Progress in Photosynthetic Research, Vol. 3, pp. 675 - 685 (Ed. Biggins, J.). Martinus Nijhoff, Dordrecht, NED (1987)
Book Chapter
Stitt, M.: Limitation of photosynthesis by sucrose synthesis. In: Progress in Photosynthetic Research, Vol. 3, pp. 685 - 692 (Ed. Biggins, J.). Nijhoff, M., Dordrecht, NED (1987)
Book Chapter
Stitt, M.; Huber, S.; Kerr, P.: Control of photosynthetic sucrose synthesis. In: The Biochemistry of Plants, Vol. 10, pp. 327 - 409 (Eds. Hatch, M. D.; Boardman, N. K.). Academic Press (1987)
Book Chapter
Heldt, H.-W.; Fluegge, U.-I.; Stitt, M.: Über Schlüsselreaktionen im Kohlenhydratstoffwechselö von Pflanzen und deren Regulation. In: Physiologische Schlüsselprozesse in Pflanzen und Insekten, pp. 155 - 190 (Ed. Boeger, P.). Universitätsverlag, Konstanz GmbH (1985)
Book Chapter
Stitt, M.: Control of photosynthetic sucrose synthesis by fructose 2,6-bisphosphate: comparative studies in C3 and C4 plants. In: Regulation of Sources and sinks in crop plants, Vol. 12, pp. 35 - 50 (Eds. Jeffcoat, B.; Hawkins, A. F.; Stead, A. D.). British Plant Growth Group, Bristol, UK (1985)
Book Chapter
Stitt, M.; Steup, M.: Starch and sucrose degradation. In: Encyclopedia of Plant Physiology N.S. Higher Plant Respiration, pp. 347 - 390 (Eds. Douce, R.; Day, D. A.) (1985)
Book Chapter
Stitt, M.: Fumarase and citrate synthase. In: Methods of Enzymatic Analysis, Vol. 4, pp. 353 - 362 (Ed. Bergmeyer, H. U.) (1984)
Book Chapter
Stitt, M.: Chloroplast starch: a buffer to sucrose metabolism. In: Storage Carbohydrates in vascular plants, pp. 205 - 230 (Ed. Lewis, D. H.). Cambridge University Press, Cambs, UK (1984)
Book Chapter
Cseke, C.; Balogh, A.; Buchanan, B. B.; Stitt, M.; Heldt, H.-W.: Regulation of the synthesis and breakdown of fructose 2,6-bisphosphate in leaves. In: Advances in Photosynthesis Research, Vol. 3, pp. 625 - 628 (Ed. Sybesma, C.). Martinus Nijhoff, Dr. W. Junk Publ (1983)

Conference Paper (14)

Conference Paper
Fluck, J.; Stitt, M.; Selbig, J.; Hofmann, M.; Thimm, O.: Using named entity recognition for ontology annotation: An experimental approach for Arabidopsis functional genome annotation. In: ECCB'05 Workshop on Biomedical Ontologies and Text Processing. ECCB'05 Workshop on Biomedical Ontologies and Text Processing, Madrid, ESP. (2005)
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