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Journal Article
Palos, K.; Dittrich, A.; Yu, L.; Brock, J.; Railey, C.; Wu, H.; Sokolowska, E.; Skirycz, A.; Hsu, P.; Gregory, B. et al.; Lyons, E.; Beilstein, M.; Nelson, A.: Identification and functional annotation of long intergenic non-coding RNAs in Brassicaceae. The Plant Cell 34 (9), pp. 3233 - 3260 (2022)
Journal Article
Alseekh, S.; Zhu, F.; Vallarino, J. G.; Sokolowska, E.; Yoshida, T.; Bergmann, S.; Wendenburg, R.; Bolze, A.; Skirycz, A.; Avin-Wittenberg, T. et al.; Fernie, A. R.: Autophagy modulates the metabolism and growth of tomato fruit during development. Horticulture Research 9, uhac129 (2022)
Journal Article
Schlossarek, D.; Luzarowski, M.; Sokolowska, E.; Thirumalaikumar, V. P.; Dengler, L.; Willmitzer, L.; Ewald, J. C.; Skirycz, A.: Rewiring of the protein–protein–metabolite interactome during the diauxic shift in yeast. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 79 (11), 550 (2022)
Journal Article
Schlossarek, D.; Luzarowski, M.; Sokolowska, E.; Gorka, M.; Willmitzer, L.; Skirycz, A.: PROMISed: A novel web-based tool to facilitate analysis and visualization of the molecular interaction networks from co-fractionation mass spectrometry (CF-MS) experiments. Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 19, pp. 5117 - 5125 (2021)
Journal Article
Moreno, J.C.; Martinez-Jaime, S.; Kosmacz, M.; Sokolowska, E.; Schulz, P.; Fischer, A.; Luzarowska, U.; Havaux, M.; Skirycz, A.: A Multi-OMICs Approach Sheds Light on the Higher Yield Phenotype and Enhanced Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Tobacco Lines Expressing the Carrot lycopene β-cyclase1 Gene. Frontiers in Plant Science 12, 624365 (2021)
Journal Article
Luzarowski, M.; Vicente, R.; Kiselev, A.; Wagner, M.; Schlossarek, D.; Erban, A.; de Souza, L. P.; Childs, D.; Wojciechowska, I.; Luzarowska, U. et al.; Gorka, M.; Sokolowska, E.; Kosmacz, M.; Moreno, J.C.; Brzezinska, A.; Vegesna, B.; Kopka, J.; Fernie, A. R.; Willmitzer, L.; Ewald, J. C.; Skirycz, A.: Global mapping of protein–metabolite interactions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae reveals that Ser-Leu dipeptide regulates phosphoglycerate kinase activity. Communications Biology 4 (1), 181 (2021)
Journal Article
Omidbakhshfard, M. A.; Sokolowska, E.; Di Vittori, V.; de Souza, L. P.; Kuhalskaya, A.; Brotman, Y.; Alseekh, S.; Fernie, A. R.; Skirycz, A.: Multi-omics analysis of early leaf development in Arabidopsis thaliana. Patterns 2 (4), 100235 (2021)
Journal Article
Razaghi-Moghadam, Z.; Sokolowska, E.; Sowa, M.A.; Skirycz, A.; Nikoloski, Z.: Combination of network and molecule structure accurately predicts competitive inhibitory interactions. Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 19, pp. 2170 - 2178 (2021)
Journal Article
Uflewski, M.; Mielke, S.; Correa Galvis, V.; von Bismarck, T.; Chen, X.; Tietz, E.; Ruß, J.; Luzarowski, M.; Sokolowska, E.; Skirycz, A. et al.; Eirich, J.; Finkemeier, I.; Schöttler, M. A.; Armbruster, U.: Functional characterization of proton antiport regulation in the thylakoid membrane. Plant Physiology 187 (4), pp. 2209 - 2229 (2021)
Journal Article
Chodasiewicz, M.; Sokolowska, E.; Nelson-Dittrich, A. C.; Masiuk, A.; Moreno, J.C.; Nelson, A. D. L.; Skirycz, A.: Identification and Characterization of the Heat-Induced Plastidial Stress Granules Reveal New Insight Into Arabidopsis Stress Response. Frontiers in Plant Science 11, 597592 (2020)
Journal Article
Kosmacz, M.; Gorka, M.; Schmidt, S.; Luzarowski, M.; Moreno, J.C.; Szlachetko, J.; Leniak, E.; Sokolowska, E.; Sofroni, K.; Schnittger, A. et al.; Skirycz, A.: Protein and metabolite composition of Arabidopsis stress granules. New Phytologist 222 (3), pp. 1420 - 1433 (2019)
Journal Article
Sokolowska, E.; Schlossarek, D.; Luzarowski, M.; Skirycz, A.: PROMIS: Global Analysis of PROtein-Metabolite Interactions. Current protocols in plant biology 4 (4), e20101 (2019)
Journal Article
Yang, L.; Perrera, V.; Saplaoura, E.; Apelt, F.; Bahin, M.; Kramdi, A.; Olas, J.; Mueller-Roeber, B.; Sokolowska, E.; Zhang, W. et al.; Li, R.; Pitzalis, N.; Heinlein, M.; Zhang, W.; Genovesio, A.; Colot, V.; Kragler, F.: m5C Methylation Guides Systemic Transport of Messenger RNA over Graft Junctions in Plants. Current Biology 29, pp. 2465 - 2476 (2019)
Journal Article
Veyel, D.; Sokolowska, E.; Moreno, J.C.; Kierszniowska, S.; Cichon, J.; Wojciechowska, I.; Luzarowski, M.; Kosmacz, M.; Szlachetko, J.; Gorka, M. et al.; Meret, M.; Graf, A.; Meyer, E. H.; Willmitzer, L.; Skirycz, A.: PROMIS, global analysis of PROtein-metabolite interactions using size separation in Arabidopsis thaliana. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 293 (32), pp. 12440 - 12453 (2018)
Journal Article
Luzarowski, M.; Kosmacz, M.; Sokolowska, E.; Jasinska, W.; Willmitzer, L.; Veyel, D.; Skirycz, A.: Affinity purification with metabolomic and proteomic analysis unravels diverse roles of nucleoside diphosphate kinases. Journal of Experimental Botany 68 (13), pp. 3487 - 3499 (2017)
Journal Article
Veyel, D.; Kierszniowska, S.; Kosmacz, M.; Sokolowska, E.; Michaelis, A.; Luzarowski, M.; Szlachetko, J.; Willmitzer, L.; Skirycz, A.: System-wide detection of protein-small molecule complexes suggests extensive metabolite regulation in plants. Scientific Reports 7, 42387 (2017)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Luzarowski, M.; Sokolowska, E.; Schlossarek, D.; Skirycz, A.: PROMIS: Co-fractionation Mass Spectrometry for Analysis of Protein–Metabolite Interactions. In: Methods in Molecular Biology (Ed. Walker, J. M.). Springer, US (2023)

Review Article (2)

Review Article
Schlossarek, D.; Zhang, Y.; Sokolowska, E.; Fernie, A. R.; Luzarowski, M.; Skirycz, A.: Don’t let go – co-fractionation mass spectrometry for untargeted mapping of protein-metabolite interactomes. (2023)
Review Article
Kosmacz, M.; Sokolowska, E.; Bouzaa, S.; Skirycz, A.: Towards a functional understanding of the plant metabolome. (2020)
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